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The Dining Room Diaries: the Lockdown Blues

Well fuck me swinging.

Here we go again. Barely stuck a toe outside of the front door and… BAM! Locked down again. Fuck. Now, I get why we’re doing it – the snappy lockdowns, and I totally get why it was 8pm last night not midnight (definitely wasn’t planning a sneaky last supper up the pub with Reg. Instant 50% discount when both your kids work). But woe is fucking me, alright. Yesterday afternoon was spent maniacally refreshing the news websites to find out will they, won’t they? Mayhem comes home from school, back pack full up to the brim. He’s pretty sure we’re going down again, and he was going to be almightily pissed off if he had to lug all his shite back to school this morning.

Will they, won’t they?

They’re fucking going to, aren’t they?

How’s the toilet paper? Yeah good, thanks.

Will they?

It’s only four cases?

Won’t they?

They’re all fucking randos aren’t they? Free range spreadybois? (totally stole spreadybois from someone else. Is good. I like it). Yeah. Free range.

We’re going down.



Oh fuck.

The fucking microwave shit the tin on Wednesday morning.

Can we live without a microwave for a week? Dunno. It’s only been two days and it’s a bit of a pain in the arse. Having to wash a fucking saucepan every time you want to reheat something. I only have three saucepans. I suppose I could buy another saucepan? Need a fucking saucepan shop. And need one that suits induction. Fucking microwave is cheaper. And where would I even put the bastard? In the microwave hole, obviously.

Time to panic buy a fucking microwave oven.

What about a combination microwave toastie oven air fryer? Do they make them? That would be fucking awesome (and think of the bench space we’d get back). Yeah, they do make them but $700? Yeah, nah. All this while bundling Mayhem into the car, driving him to work (he’s “essential services” apparently. As is Chaos.) and frantically consulting Professor Google as to the location and opening hours of a microwave shop. I am a researcher. I like to research things. I don’t like the spontaneous microwave shopping. Okay, we can have that one or that one. NO, not that one. It’s got the dumbarse 10 minute button and that’s bad. Remember? Oh yeah… what about… whips tape measure out of miniscule reticule… nope. Too wide. This one? Out of stock. Fuck me, it’s a goddamn microwave oven not a bloody space shuttle. Picked one. Left. Went home. Installed it. Cooked soup. In a fucking saucepan on the stove. Because. I don’t even know, okay.

(Now, I know you want to know why a ten minute button is a bad thing… Well, I am the stumpiest member of my household at 5’10’ tall. The middle two are 6’1 and the tallest is a gargantuan 6’4. The microwave is a below the bench effort. Randomly poking things rather than bending to look at what you’re pressing results in bread defrosting for 20 minutes rather than 20 seconds. It catches fire. This is not actually a good thing.)



Lockdown again.

Realistically it’s not all that bad. If the ring was 10km, I’d be all eh, whatevs. And I wouldn’t be all cringe-y guilty when I go pick up Mayhem. But I only think I need more art supplies (actually don’t. Because erm. Going to the dentist like a grown up and dropping nearly $2k on a tooth means a trip to the art supplier and procurement of a “decent” sap green, and a nice bloody purple. And a proper cadmium red because cadmium red light is sort of orange-y rather than red. As one does.)

And I have a hell of a lot of respect for Dan Andrews. Fronting up to the pack of recalcitrant toddlers also known as ‘journalists’ in Victoria and answering the same fucking question over and over and over again, without throwing a banana at them and telling the whole lot of them to fuck right off. Arse of a job. I met the bloke once a long time ago. Struck me as a decent chap, to be honest. Although he needs to stand up straighter.

So, this lockdown coupled with the last one and no visitors and shit means my cleaning fairy hasn’t been able to work her magic for quite some time. The entire joint can best be described as a bit trashed. Slightly fucked. Snow drifts of dog hair in the passage (okay, that happens daily. Ahem. Bloody doggo). Honestly couldn’t be telling you the last time the floors got mopped. No excuses, no places to go… It’s time for the Great UNFUCKENING.


Something to look forward to, I guess?


The Dining Room Diaries – Half time

Half way through the year and yeah? Where are we again? Oh yeah, still in the dining room. Apparently, we have a maybe depends date to head more or less back into the office for oh maybe three days a week. Probably. Ish. Dickhead delivery drivers spreading germs around the joint may put paid to that. However, this is not about a) them; b) me being pissed off with dickheads in general, or c) the vagaries of trying to plan three months in advance. This is all about how I’m tracking with ma epic list of goals and shizzle at the half way mark of the year.

Refresher – what were those damn goals again?

  1. Read twelve books – at least two non fiction, and at least two new authors.
  2. Crafting and cooking
  3. Get less fat
  4. Make new food
  5. Save some loot
  6. Be more organised

Reading Looks like I read 14 books in quarter two – total of 32 books so far this year. I am mildly impressed. I’m not super good at the non-fiction, although I have read a couple of art books and a gardening book, so I suppose that counts. More on the art books laters, though. Plus, four new authors (not including the non-fiction ones) and revisitation of a couple of old faves. I’m still chipping away at the Bridgerton series. Still ridic annoyingly funny and yeah, think I’ve only got two kids to go. And Kate Atkinson. I’ve had one of her books (Big Sky) in my Kobo for oh, a year. Finally read it. It was really good. Top books this quarter – The Dictionary of Lost Words, The Stranger Times, and Thursday Murder Club (note: lack of non-fiction in my top three).

Crafting Yeah, well. Went a bit fully sick there, to be honest. Cooked a few new things – lemon curd (oh my goodness gracious amaze), cooked a decent risotto, and whipped up some dinner rolls to go along with a slow cooked roast beef. Sometimes I amaze myself. No, I really do. There’s a story around the dinner rolls and roast but that’s for another day. Plus, there’s been a bit of crochet and shit – delved into amigurumi and made baby gifts for a couple of new baby cousins. And, I did one of those paint and sip whatsis thingies with ma CWA ladies. Painting good. Painting soothing. Painting v.satisfactory…are you thinking what I’m thinking B1? Now, while I had a crack at acrylic painting, it’s sorta messy and large scale and um. What about watercolours? Watercolours are hard, man, you don’t want to do that. Maybe I do want to do that? My darling little muvver used to do watercolours. Gorgeous floating florals and landscapes. Super talented and all that. Me? Not so much. I like to doodle (and do so incessantly) I draw stylised plants that are more – well, cartoonish isn’t quite the right word – sketch-y sort of well. Stylised. Anyway. Yeah, so, I bought meyself a set of cheaparse watercolours and a packet of paper. Then a slightly better set of paints and some more paper. Then a couple of how to do watercolours properly type books. Then a decent set of student paints and some more paper. And yeah. I appear to have taken up painting. Small scale, slightly dodgy illustration type paintings. It’s soothing and fun and I have about eleventy bazillion tubes of paint to use up so I shall be doing some paintings for a little while yet.

Save some loot Lalalalalalalalalalalaaaaaaa yeah, can’t aquire painting supplies without the exchange of the readies, so that’s not been going so well. Not that I haven’t saved anything, but yeah. Maybe $150 over the three months.

Get less fat Well, about that one. Might have mentioned last time that the great “let’s shrink Maudy’s arse” campaign had hit what would be best described as a hiccup, and Maudy’s arse was maintaining its relative substance. Suffice to say everything went a bit tits up over the course of the last quarter. Here’s half a kilo, oh looky here’s another half a kilo… fuuuuuck. I am eating the same and exercising the same and here’s another half a fucking kilo. Four kilos later. Couple of things happened (or didn’t happen) and I realised that as part of this diet I’ve been following in a half-arsed kind of way, my fibre intake was minimal to say the least. Hence the lack of erm. Happening. Threw everything I could think of at the situation (and revisited that fucking diet program) to no avail. At the same time, fucking tired. Like, the kind of tired where you are so clagged you can’t get off the fucking couch to go to bed because the whole process of going to bed is such an epic effort that you can’t even be bothered. Then, you don’t get up in the morning because well, you went to bed so late.

Yeah. I was a bit fucked up. Oh, and fucking vague. Forgetting shit and not actually capable of holding an idea from conception to execution. Noice. Anyway, one thing did not lead to another, and I ended up seeing a trained medical professional, having a few blood tests and whadder you know… lazy thyroid was off holidaying in the Bahamas, and somehow or other, I’ve got myself a bit of a Vitamin D deficiency. How the absolute fuck that actually happened, I have NO idea. Obviously, the hour-ish a day I am outside walking the Hound didn’t actually count as acquiring enough Vit D from the sunshine. Possibly because erm. Winter in Victoria. Clouds. Walking the doggie at night time when it’s dark and shit so there’s no bloody sunlight. Anyway, now I have turned into a proper old person and I have a selection of medication to alleviate my symptoms (more or less). The thyroid situation has been given a Mega Sooper Blast and it’s like HELLOOOOOOOOOOO remember meeeeeeeeeeeeee. Still a bit clagged (literally and metaphorically) but there’s light (wavering single candle) at the end of the tunnel.

As for the half-arsed diet… I got suckered into that Noom business. Everywhere I looked, there were ads and success stories and people losing a squintillion kilograms and looking amazeballs. So. I believed the hype. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad, at least at the start. I dropped 8 kilograms pretty quickly which was nice. Basically, the program is a mish-mash of mindful eating and intuitive eating but with some bizarre kind of calorie counting bashed on the back end. Firstly, you start with 1200 calories a day. Apparently, you can change this, but not on an Android phone. 1200 calories is not enough for a woman of some substance. And calories were allocated to a traffic light system. Now, it struck me as truly strange that my high fibre, whole grain and nut, low gi cereal was classified as Red, whereas I could have a plate of bacon and eggs and a hash brown and fried tomato and that was a better choice. Hrmmm. And a spoonful of dip and a few crackers also red, but a tub of yoghurt that has three times the calories was green and therefore good. This is not compute. This is head go splode-y stuff. Oh, and go for a two hour bike ride and burn off 600 calories? Okay, you can have half of those to eat. And yeah, I’d stopped losing weight, so…

I unsubscribed.

However, I am sticking to the mindful eating, and I did work out what my eating triggers were so, wasn’t a total waste of $200 (see what I mean about NOT saving any money!). Why am I cruising the fridge? Because that’s what I always do? But why am I cruising the fridge? Dunno. Okay, let’s go and do some work then. Fatigue and stress are my biggest triggers and yeah, bit of both of those lately. Bit of chicken v egg/Demtel effect (but wait, there’s mooooooooooooore)

Anyway, have to say Quarter Two was moderately fornicated. But, better living through chemistry, and onward and upward and all that. Organisation skills have been in the toilet, as evidenced by losing the boat rego (fell down the back of the book case) and being a day late and a buck short with the damn bills once or twice. Can but hope the next quarter will improve moderately, that I will have a decent shit, and I will drop the last two kilograms. The final two may be related.

The Dining Room Diaries – the Procrastination Edition

Yeah, about that. Procrastination is something I am rather good at. Like, right this very moment, I am supposed to be:

  • Doing a 15 minute email blast (which will take me 15 minutes. Der)
  • Half an hour of course work (well, the last ten minutes cos I did 20 minutes before I got erm. Sidetracked.
  • Prepping a data file for a task I will be starting on Thursday (ten minutes, max)
  • Filling in the work planner for the next 3, 6 and 12 months cos you know, end of financial year (dunno)
  • Sending off something for another project (ten minutes)
  • Updating my diary (that is suddenly rather full, also, not that long to do)

Instead, I am not doing any of those. I am Procrastinating. I have had a Little Snack (a passionfruit butter sandwich. Delicious) and am internally debating a lemon tea (possibly won’t. Still might. Or wine. Wine would be nice). And internally debating why the hell I am spending an hour or so fluffing about with this instead of spending that same hour doing things that will in fact make my (work) life run more smoothly for the next week, and potentially next three months.

Is it because I am in fact a lazy fucker? Dunno. Maybe? What would I rather be doing? Hrrrrm.

  • Reading my book
  • Faffing about with watercolours (did I tell you I have developed a new hobby?)
  • Spot of crochet?
  • Cleaning up the god-awful mess I made in the kitchen at lunch time
  • Having another super long weekend next weekend because work and me? Not exactly seeing eye to eye at the present. Okay, that one is not happening. Mainly because today (Wednesday) is my first day at work this week after a super long weekend)

I do this ALL THE TIME. I had a list for the weekend with maybe ten things on it. It wasn’t a huge list, and, aside from the washing, nothing would have taken particularly long, and I could have smashed it all out by lunch time Saturday. But noooo. Started off well enough – stripped the bed, changed out the towels, made a coffee and all of a sudden the day turned into let’s play 20 rounds of some stupid game on my phone, let’s obsess over twitter for an hour, lordy someone is coming in 20 minutes better have a shower, wait for them to come, then I’m all jeez there’s no sheets on the bed and I actually want to sleep in it tonight and by tonight, I mean now.

Then I end up slapping sheets on the bed at midnight, being cranky with myself and staying up way too late because a) I’ve not achieved anything I set out to in a day and b) I am actually too tired to get off the couch and actually go to fucking bed. Fuck that shits me. Then I’m still pissed off with myself the next day, I feel compelled to do all the shite I didn’t do the day before and still end up going to bed too late, having wasted a moderate number of hours futzing on my damn phone.

Sensing a theme here… although right now, I am NOT procrastinating on my phone. I am procrastinating on my blog. That I seem to mostly update when I am avoiding something else. Fuck, I am a slacker. Although, technically I am not procrastinating. I am waiting. Because I have to download a file so a program can get updated. This will have to happen tomorrow because the poor ITSS bloke wants to go home (actually feeling sorry for them for once. That never happens). But yeah, while I am waiting (it is 64% complete), I could do an email blast, get prepped for a meeting tomorrow (memo to self – you have a 9am meeting tomorrow. So you have to be logged in by 9am. Okay? This may mean going to bed earlier than midnight.)

Anyway, procrastinating. Sometimes the procrastination is not so much that, as a disconnect between the time a task will actually take and the amount of time between *other* tasks that I am committed to – for example. The list above is a prime example. I have had five (yes, fucking FIVE) meetings today. Four were booked in, one was a phone hook up. Two were under time, one was on time and one was thirty minutes *over* time. So – my day went something along the line of thus

  1. 9.00am set up desk
  2. 9.10am log in
  3. 9.12am discover essential program has shit the tin (76% on the download now)
  4. 9.20am organise someone else to do morning jobs
  5. 9.21am check how many emails I have (hint. A few)
  6. 9.30am first meeting
  7. 10.20am finish meeting/bathroom
  8. 10.30am next meeting
  9. 11.30 coffee time
  10. 11.45 Open diary, check calendar, admire the 100 or so emails that miraculously appeared over the weekend
  11. 12.05pm phone meeting
  12. 12.50pm prep lunch
  13. 1pm meeting (during which I eat lunch)
  14. 2pm next meeting – one hour allegedly
  15. 3.30pm finish meeting take a ten minute break
  16. 3.40pm update diary
  17. 4.00pm IT calls
  18. 4.20pm do dodgy minutes for 2pm meeting that I missed half of because the entire family is at home and yeah. Well. Interwebs hogs, the lot of them.
  19. 4.40pm. Send off minutes
  20. Start looking at my list, realise that three out of seven items are reliant on my program being reinstalled. Decide that’s all too hard, check the diary for tomorrow, discover I have FOUR meetings already, and that I need to squeeze in the IT guy to install the program that is currently at 79% downloaded.

So yeah, that was my day. I don’t think I even had time to do anything until twenty to fucking five, at which point, my head started to implode and there are little grey cells oozing all over the floorboards. Eh, I have a dog. She will lick that up quick smart. And the file has made it to {gasp} 80% now.

Think I might take aforementioned doggo for a stroll, not beat myself up quite so much about the procrastinations because sometimes, there really are only five minutes between meetings, and pee is better than email.

The Dining Room Diaries – the here we go again edition

Firstly, Reg would like to apologise profusely for the situation in which we currently find ourselves in the glorious and somewhat germ ridden state of Victoria. This is all his fault. He foolishly joked only last weekend that we needed to go into lock down again because our social life was getting out of hand, hurrhurrhurr. Ahem. Cosmos heard. Cosmos obliged. Okay, I really should add that he does NOT have the covids, and nor has he been to any of the 120+ exposure sites in the key times, and he was in fact reacting to our somewhat hectic and definitely chaotic six weeks or so of having an actually MORE hectic social life than we would have done ten years ago in 2019.

Yes, after 15 months of sitting in the same chair, staring at the same walls, we were out and about and getting amongst it. Football games (the blokes), shopping day trip to the Big Smokey for no apparent reason (that would be moi), any number of birthday parties (at least two, maybe three), mothers day *and* culminating in a weekend away drinking and carousing with seventy of our closest friends. Noice. This weekend was supposed to be more footy (blokes) and a fundraising dinner (moi). Yeah, nah. Nope. Shut it ALL down.


I am actually quite emotional about it all this time round. I mean, fuck. Actually having stuff on the calendar and going to places, and negotiating who’s driving and who is going to have fun or whether Uncle Uber will drive us home, cos fuck it, I reckon tonight is a two wines kind of night (you know when I say two wines, it’s not two standard drinks, hey? More like two buckets o’ wine. I ain’t driving anywheres). Oh, and let’s not forget the logistics of getting four adults to a party and one kid home from work when said kid isn’t keen on our friend Uncle Uber. Yay for hospitality working gfs of partying teenage boys, that’s all I can say. First world problems I was in fact happy to have.

And now, we’re back where we started. And I am having a wee sad. Which is ironic, as I was in two minds about going to this dinner tonight, anyway. (One of those annual things, attend as a couple and barely see each other all night. Going on my own wouldn’t have been much different to normal, to be honest; but nice dinner out v takeaway at home all by myself…Decisions.) Looks like it will be the takeaway at home, just not actually by myself. Which means it will be pizza or burgers (the only takeaway the four of us will all eat. More first world problems. But you know, the ironic thing about living in the first world, is the problems you have tend to be just that. First world. So there you have it.)

To be honest, I had a bit of an inkling shite was going down a bit earlier in the week, so did my grocery order to pick up yesterday. The supermarket was a bloody nightmare a couple of hours after the big announce, the toilet paper shelf was best described as sparse – seriously, it would have taken at least a year to get through the last lot of panic buying in February, so why do they need that much more crap wrap? AGAIN? People were driving trolleys around blindly grabbing whatever off the shelves and hoping for the best. On the plus side, I didn’t get into a punch on like the last time I did click and collect on a Thursday lunchtime. Okay, it wasn’t really a punch on. It was more of a slightly bemusing spat. Apparently, only people who are getting their groceries delivered to the car can park in the dedicated car parks out the back of the supermarket, and not the ones who go in themselves and get it. This factoid was news to me and to the supermarket bloke. But not to the Full Karen who decided to park her car across the back of the car parks and stand there like a belligerent bulldog sucking on a wasp. Also, I think I won, because she did move her car (although she took a picture of my numberplate? Why? Who knows?)

Anyway, fisticuffs aside; I was in and out reasonably quickly, ducked into Uncle Dan’s for a selection of cool drinks, and resisted the urge to add another bottle of Mother’s Ruin to my trolley. I do have three full bottles. No, four. I should be fine. It’s only a week. Reg only has one slab. he might get thirsty. Then I headed off to Bunnings. Now, I am not sure where Bunnings fits in my list of top ten shops, but it’s up there. I like to have a poke around and see if there’s anything good (there usually is). This time I had a List – potting mix, rooster booster, a soil testing kit, seed raising mix and some peat pots. Tickticktickticktick. Got the nice man to lift the heavy stuff into the car for me and chatted about the general state of play. I mentioned I was planning to go to Bunnings on Saturday anyway, but figured it would be easier to just get what I needed on Thursday. If the nice man could have prostrated himself on the floor in thanks, well. I think he would have. Click and collect. {shudders} good idea coming today.

So here I am, sitting in the dining room. I was supposed to be going into the office today, but yeah, nah. As of Monday, Mayhem will be doing school at home. Hence four bottles of gin. Maybe I should have got the fifth? It’s only four days. Probably. Depends. Maybe. Don’t think about the end date. Don’t do a countdown. What if it spikes up again. What if it’s longer. How will you fucking deal. Well, you know you will fucking deal because that’s just what you do. And drink gin. That’s the other thing you do. And stiff upper lip and all that cos you know that you’re the Clag that keeps this haphazard show on the road more or less. My circus, my monkeys. Or clowns. Never did work that out? Not sure I approve of animals in circuses, so yeah. My circus, my clowns.

Oh, and my preferred method of stress management? Spot of retail therapies? So far, I have procured a second big screen for my desk and a fancy-arsed USB-C/HDMI adaptor for it. Delivered on Monday. Hopefully. And new runners for Mayhem with the Giant Feet. Nervy about that… he’s not grown out of them, just worn them out. He is due for another growth spurt. His feet grow first. Argh. Very boring retail therapies. Although, one will make work at home more alluring and t’other will prevent whining. Which in turn prevents wine.

It’s now 5pm (almost. Will be by the time I post this, anyway) on Friday night. I should right now be hopping on board the deadly treadlie and wheeling my way home prior to the consumption of a restorative glass of fermented grape juice, a quick scrub up and heading off into the night. Probably would have faced up to a baked ricotta gnocchi with prosciutto, goats cheese and rocket in a napoli sauce, followed by a simply delectable house made ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce and praline. Then a couple of v.cheeky glasses of rose and a hell of a lot of conversation. Then, Uncle Uber home for a well deserved rest.

Instead, after I pack up my desk, quite probably a quick squirt on the treadlie (after I suss out roughly where 5km is), followed by that tin of Pimms that’s been sitting in the fridge winking at me all day. And pajama pants and dial a dinner. Pizza goes with rose, right?

The Dining Room Diaries – the transformation edition

Well hello readers. I am back in the Dining Room after a glorious two weeks doing whatever the fuck I wanted, actually. Including eating meals at the fucking dining table. Well. That’s come to an end, hey. For the time being at least. I am going to work in the office on a Friday. Am I excited? Sort of. Nervous? Not really. Irritated by the idea of having to lug everything I use on a daily basis into the office? Well, give me a resounding hells yeah. But more on that laters.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about transformation. According to the dictionary, a transformation is a “dramatic change in form or appearance” – I’m no caterpillar turning into a chrysalis and becoming a beeee-yoooo-tiful butterfly. I’m just as likely to be a cranky arsed enormous moth (one of those moths that dive bombs you out of nowhere) as some delicate and beautiful creature. And I am certainly not getting a different haircut or changing my hair colour. But I have this feeling I am on the cusp of something different and, well transformative. (Maudy goes deep and meaningful. Maybe? Yeah, nah. Deep as custard, mate.)

Couple of weeks ago, I completed the last step to formally complete changing my name officially to the name I’ve been using for forty odd years. It was always a bit of a joke that I run with a couple or three different names, depending on the circumstances (nope, Maudy isn’t actually one of them) – I reckon I called the change of name people three (or four) times to work out what name variation went where on the actually pretty bloody simple – if you aren’t on name version THREE already – application form. So, name on birth certificate (that I never used), actual name (that’s only on important shit like my licence and passport) and my regular name that’s on every other bloody thing I have my name on. Tab A goes into Slot C and but wait… I think I have two Tab As? And what about Slot B? Anyway. I now have a birth certificate with my regular name on it, a driver licence with my regular name on it, AND to complete the set, I now have a shiny new passport in my hot little hand. Once I cart said shiny bits of paper around to a variety of infuriating people, I will just be me. No more seekrit identities. Well, aside from Maudy. And that other one. Erm. Yeah. Reg threatened to ask me to marry him just so I will have to change ALL my names on everything again. As if.

I finally went to the doctor, too. Rocked up and said err. Here is a list of things I need chopped off. Ahem. Two down, one to go. Appointment for the third item in a couple of months. So, said goodbye to the cocopop on my neck that is basically a sprouting ball of witch-i-poo hairs; and to the almost non existent potential new mole (or BCC) that was growing on my nose. It was less than 1mm in diameter. Felt like it was the size of a watermelon. I don’t need that shite. Had a skin check as well (really should do that more regularly) because I am quite the mature and responsible lady (see what I mean about transformation? I am being Responsible.) As for the last thing on my list – which is getting another crown (I will be flasher than a rat with a gold tooth, because I will have THREE gold teeth), that has to wait until I see a dude about fixing my hand in a couple of months. Such a fucking grown up I am being. Pfft. As long as there is wine at the end of it, I can be a grown up.

And we’ve headed back into the office after more than a year at home at the Dining Table. That was weird on a lot of levels. I miss my colleagues and I miss the collaborative nature of my work environment. Having to book a meeting to run an idea past someone? Yeah, that’s fucked up. (And literally, as I type… called in to a meeting to do some Hard Maths.) But I am a creature of habit. I like to sit in the same spot and stare out the same window when I am thinking something through. I like to know I have a packet of panadol and some bandaids in my drawer alongside a toothbrush and a hairbrush because you never know. Now, though. Sitting somewhere random, looking at a wall or a divider. I need to bring everything with me on a daily basis and cart it all home again. I made myself a checklist

  • Laptop
  • Laptop charger
  • Phone charger (or power block)
  • Mouse
  • Diary
  • Notebook
  • Glasses case
  • With glasses in it
  • Water bottle
  • Wallet
  • ID card
  • Tissues
  • Pen(s)
  • Coffee cup
  • Cutlery
  • Plate
  • Frypan
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag

Oh, wait.

Confused my packing lists there. But you get the gist of it all. I’m buying my lunch when I go in just so I don’t have to carry anything more than I absolutely have to. And I bought a bike. A lovely, shiny can go quite quick actually e-bike. It has a basket on the back, and fits my bloody enormous stuffed to the brim pack pack reasonably well. It has a 15kg limit – so yeah, tend to leave the frypan and the tent at home. But before you start saying e-bikes are for cheaters… Let me tell you a thing (or three) about the e-bike…

Thing one: You still have to pedal. It’s not hop on and off you go (that would be an electric motorcycle. Not the same). And you’re pedalling enough that after a decent ride, you are well aware of the muscles that you only use while pedalling a bike.

Thing two: I live on the side of a hill, and to get just about anywhere, I need to go down a hill, up a hill, up another hill, down a hill and up again. The down a hill bit at the very start is a very steep and unfriendly bit of hill that ends at a very busy road. Therefore starts terrifyingly and ends with an absolute ball-tearing slog. The alternative is to continue up the steep and unfriendly hill to a hill that is less steep but worse in that it’s a bloody long hill with a gentle rise. Then it’s down again. So, riding a push bike is not as alluring as it would be if I lived somewhere somewhat flatter.

Thing three: Basically, what the e-bike does is well. Make it flatter. A flatter ride is an alluring ride. No more busting ma phoofer valve going up the ridiculously long steep hill to get to the smaller steeper hill that leaves me panting like a superannuated steam train with a blockage. I pedal along like a lady. As long as I’m pedalling, it’s pushing me up the hill.

So there you have it. Three things about e-bikes. Well. It’s two really. And I will ride it because a) it’s pretty, b) it’s fun, and c) yeah, not as bloody hard work. Oh, and the other thing… Reg bought himself one as well from the Aldi. He now rides to work because he doesn’t need to deal with the omfggunnadie hill to get home. We do enjoy a family ride as well. Although Mayhem had an epic stack over the weekend. Claret everywhere. Fair bit of bark off, but no bones broken. He’s complaining a lot now, so figure he’s okay. He is bloody well going to work tonight or else.

The Dining Room Diaries – Quarter Time

Yeah, like what’s with the sporty analogies, Maudy? Crikey. I could really dig deep and go for some you know, accounting analogies. So, yeah, I’ll be reporting on Quarter Three. Or Quarter One. What year is it again? Right. Yeah nah. As an aside I rediscovered some of the many many reasons I gave accountancy the arse when I was studying today. Situation involving five quarters. Some stray GST and a misplaced decimal or something. Anyway, complicated. So, five quarters? Is that a calendar year year and another quarter, or two halves of two financial year years and another quarter? Yes. Both. Can’t be both. Well. It is. Five quarters. Two years. All good. So there. Anyway enough of that. I AM ON HOLIDAYS.

Yes. The dining table is reverting to a large, flat wooden surface for the use by me for things that do not involve earning a crust. Yay! I am not doing anything at all. Well, I am. I am going to appointments, I am catching up with the inlaws, I am going to Melbourne for the day to look at a bike. Electric. Cute. Expense. Want. I have one week with the family and one week more or less home alone. I’ve also taken up studying again (more on that later. Regrets, I have some. It is not even week one)

Where was I again? Oh yeah. Quarter time. At the start of this year, I set myself some goals. Decided that small short term goals might work better because flighty as fuck and have the attention span of a… look… shiny. Focus, Maudy. Right, small goals.

  1. Read ten books – at least two non fiction, and at least two new authors.
  2. Finish two craft projects
  3. Get less fat
  4. Reconnect with some of my friends
  5. Make new food
  6. Save $150 a month
  7. Be more organised

So. How did I go?

Goal One: Reading.

I read EIGHTEEN books in the first quarter of this year. Winning. I did only read one non-fiction book, but I started a second one. And as for new authors? Nailed that one. After watching The Bridgertons, I’ve read a couple of the series. They’re funny and silly and light. (And predictable, but I’m only up to kid #4, so there’s at least four more to go). Also, this other series (Peter Ash); the main dude is a veteran with PTSD, gets into pickles (think Jack Reacher, but less ridiculous). Plus there were a couple of other ones. Can’t remember. But 18 books. Noice.

Goal Two: Craft

I finished one project. A knee rug I made for one of the kids when he was about half my height, instead of taller. Started a couple of new ones, worked on a couple more.

Goal Three: Get less fat

Hrrrm. That was going okay until March struck. Some interesting food and beverage choices, and while I only lost about half a kilo over the entire month. I didn’t gain any. The psychology stuff that goes along with the weightloss program I am following in a bit of a half arsed way – well, most of the time it’s a bit fucked up (when one is dealing with real emotions, pretending to have emotions is bullshit). Anyway, I have discovered I am not an emotional eater (i.e. it’s not the emotions that lead me to the fridge); I don’t eat because I’m stressed, either. Tired or bored, though? You better put a lock on that bad boy or I’ll chew my way through it like a plague of locusts. And when I am super emotional or stressed, I don’t sleep well; and when I don’t sleep well…what is that delicious morsel, and yes I will have another or ten. Oops. Handy to know though. Still have to work out how to attack that little problem.

Side goal was to do a 5km walk at some point, and to walk 3km in 30 minutes. I did both of those, so there’s that. Only once each, I might add, but baby walks. Now I am on holidays, I think I will try and do both again a couple of times. I can only do the quick walk on my own. I don’t sniff as much stuff as the dog does.

Goal Four: Reconnect with friends

Yeah, did that a bit. I have good friends. They understand.

Goal Five: Make new food

Yeah, definitely did that. Tried out a few new things, cooked up a bazillion kilos of tomatoes from my tomato patch. Picklepalooza occurred. Tomato chutney, tomato pickles, cucumber pickles, strawberry jam, passata, pickled beetroot…found things to do with a million passionfruit as well. Lookin’ at you, passionfruit slice and you over there passionfruit curd. I do like to cook. This goal is not onerous, although it does clash somewhat with Goal Three.

Goal Six and Seven:
In the olden days (you know, before the decade that passed last year), I used to save my gold coins and my leftover cash from my pocket money*. I would accumulate a tidy little sum that would be used frivolously – a weekend away, a new fucking dishwasher the minute the old one died instead of waiting for six months, took the fam bam to the Melbourne Show (woooood chopping and Bertie Beetles. Noice.) But yeah, that stopped about the time I stopped using cash on an ongoing basis and my jar of gold coins has been declining somewhat dramatically. Nowt to do with Chaos raiding the jar to wash three weeks worth of clothes at the laundromat. Long story. But lesson was learned. Anyway, saved up lots. Not so much now.

One thing I do in fact like to do when I am all emotional and shit is erm. Buy crap. And by crap I mean stuff I really don’t need like erm. Washi tape and stickers and ink and fountain pens and a stationery subscription box and some random articles of clothing like a coat that may look like a teddy bear. I don’t know if it really does look like a teddy bear but I imagine I will find out between the 9th and 13th of April. I think that is the last parcel I am expecting? There could be some more washi tape? Can one have too much washi tape? I will let you know.

As far as getting myself organised goes. Well. I have used a bullet journal for a really long time, but I have been a bit off ma game. So, days and sometimes weeks would go by and I wouldn’t use it. And bills wouldn’t get paid and people wouldn’t be where they were supposed to be and things were missed and mislaid. So. Organised. Diary now. Copiously adorned with washi tape (knew there was a reason I bought so much). Very delightful. Much joy is sparked. Chaos works three or four nights a week, Chaos also has a girlfriend. They do sleepovers. I don’t often know exactly when or where he is. Mayhem has just got a part time job. People need to be places at times. Well, not so much Chaos as he has wheels of his own (except on Saturday nights when he sucks up to his mother for a lift into town. Last Saturday, took two mothers to get the Young People into town). But Mayhem is a wee young thing and still needs carting about at various times of the day and night. And his mother (that would be moi) needs to know who needs to be where and when and what the fuck is for dinner anyway? Keeping all this shit in my head is a bit fucked up, so my analogue soul is delighted by the legitimate reason to acquire more stationery, and the diary is working out so far.

Speaking of stationery. I have started a course. It’s been a bit of a conga line of clusterfucks so far, and it’s not even the end of week one – I kid you not – I had to prove my competence with the English fucking language. Born in Australia. Speak ONE language. Emailing back and forth IN ENGLISH to confirm that I did in fact speak, read *and* write it competently. Apparently, my just over ten year old degrees were (and I fucking quote) “too old”. And “we need to see proof you completed year 12 in Australia”. For fuck’s sake. I completed Year 12 in Australia in the fucking EIGHTIES before Kylie fucking Minogue shed her first tear in the goddamn Henderson Kids. Oh yes, that’s fine. You can join in. Had non stop technical difficulties, too… apparently someone spelled my last name wrong. And they want *me* to be able to read and fucking write. Fuck.

So yeah, new course. New stationery. New pen. Definitely new ink. Ahem. What did I say about saving?

*Pocket money – a modest sum to be spent on whatever the fuck I want. Mostly books and pens to be honest. Oh, and coffees and lunch.

The Dining Room Diaries – The Sword of Damocles Edition

How’s that for a bit of melodrama to start your day off right? Yes, sitting here with a fucking great sword hanging over my head, held up by a single horsehair. Nice one. Okay, maybe not quite *that* dramatic but – this last couple of weeks has been coloured in by an impending feeling of doom, like I’m just waiting for something pretty fucking dreadful to happen. Heart beating faster (just a little bit faster, not even brisk walk fast), little sweaty (but it was warmish), almost anxious (but not quite). If I were an Older Duck, I would be saying “I can feel it in me waters”. And yeah, I could. Ma waters were all erm. Feel-y. And anticipatory. Like there was a fucking great sword hanging by a horsehair over my head.

There’s been a bit of shizzle dizzle going down at Chez McGee over the last few months, but all the shizzle was getting in the dizzle where it belonged, and ducks were lining back up and situations were progressing toward what passes as normal these days – so why the Portents of Doooooom?

Well, fuck me fucking swinging. Look at the fucking date, would you? Happy fucking anniversary, mate. Yesterday marked a year since I first set up camp in the dining room for “at least four weeks” and look at us fucking now. Still in the same chair I was sitting in last year. To be honest, I have been sitting in this particular chair for a good while now as it is my desk chair from work. But it’s been a feature of the dining room for a whole fucking year now. Fuck.

There’s been a whole lot of “this time last year…” going on as well, as everything fell over, one at a time. Starting with the Melbourne Grand Prix, shutting that down the morning of the event was a massive call. And we had Reg’s 50th birthday party booked in. 150 of his nearest and dearest…refreshing the news feeds hourly, and will we won’t we is the guest list up to date? Like, if we have to cancel do you even know who’s coming? Fuck, what are we going to do with 150 burgers and 20 kilograms of sausages? Fuck. Have we even got toilet paper? And the party squeezed in by the skin of its teeth – partied like it really was 1999 (Hey, it’s the Y2K20 bug. Lordy. I found the bar bill the other day when I did my filing for the first time in a year. Wish it was really Y2k because yeah. That bill was huge.) And after the party, I came home from work, the kids started school holidays early, the footy got shut down and the world as we knew it ceased to exist.

Man, the footy being cancelled burned like something that burns a lot. What? Miss Maudy likes the sportsball? Yeah, nah. Miss Maudy does not like the sportsball. iss Maudy picked her favourite team based on the phwoar factor of a single player way back in the 1980s. Because Miss Maudy is shallow like that, albeit consistent. However, Miss Maudy’s family are proud members of a football club (or two. Long story.) and this means that every weekend from March to September, there is a 50% chance at least some of the the blokes at Chez McGee will be off to watch a game somewhere on at least one day of the weekend. Thus, frequently leaving Miss Maudy Home Alone for a few hours. Miss Maudy is jack of talking about herself in the third person. Reverting to normal programming, stat. From time to time, my services are required to drop off or collect, but aside from that… no need to have the actual game on the television or listen to Reg yell at the telly. Doesn’t matter which team is winning or losing, there is always the yelling. The Hound runs away and hides. The football is on again this weekend. The blokes have tickets. I will wave them goodbye. I hope. It’s a whole three days away. It could still not happen.

Oh, and how did I decide to celebrate my first year of working from home? By getting my first fucking COLD since 2019. Chaos came home from somewhere with a cold last week. Scratchy throat, stinkin’ headache and a stick up the nose, day in bed for you, Sonny Jim. And because my favourite oldest child is the caring and sharing type… Monday night, I have the scratchy throat, Tuesday morning, I have the headache and a stick up the nose. No day in bed for me though, I puddled along at work – three hours of meetings that I couldn’t delegate or avoid. Bastards. Oh, and how do I know the last time I had a cold was in 2019? Well, that would be because the cough mixture I took a slug of at 1.30am was best before November 2019. Tip for young players, best before being oh, 16 months ago, meant it did slightly less than fuck all to stop my coughing up a lung or two. Suffice to say, replaced with modern and hopefully more effective medicine for tonight’s shenanigans.

Wondering how long before the other two ninepins at mine come down with the Mongolian Death Plague…

So yeah, waiting and wondering and wondering and waiting. And waiting. And maybe wondering.

(And the other thing is this last couple of weeks is leading up to is the Biggest Bad of 2020, which it appears I am still not really ready to talk about. Suffice to say, there’s a lot of lasts coming up in the next three or four weeks, and then we’re back to finishing the list of firsts and starting on the seconds. It sucks a bit and yeah. Not talking about it. Pfft. Explains the anticipation, though.)

The Dining Room Diaries: The Tucker Fucker edition

Bloody hell, you know what? It’s been exactly FIFTY ONE WEEKS since this Dining Room adventure began and I commenced working at home for a month. Coughs. A lot. Not that much. Don’t need a stick up me nose. Okay. Crikey. yes, I’ve been home for almost a year. Anyway. This episode of the Dining Room Diaries is brought to you by Nat’s What I Reckon, and a gigantic flashback to my long long ago past. Now, young Nat made a bit of a name for himself over the Quarantine Period with cooking videos – the recipes are pretty good, and the cooking videos are fucking funny. The clip in question is the Wrong Way to Make Dinner – Nat makes a microwave dinner straight out of the best microwave cookbooks the nineties have to offer. I am watching this fucking thing and flashing right back to my fifth career. Yes. I have made a few dubious career choices in my time. I am currently on career #7. I digress.

Anyway, I’d got the arse from my job in a bookshop (how, I am still not sure. Well, I sort of know how, and it had a lot to do with the owner shagging people whom he was not married to; and me erm. Catching them walking hand in hand through Myer on a Friday night. Ahem. Not *my* problem, and suddenly no longer my job.) So, slow-motion through four and a half months on the dole. I was getting a) a bit broke, and b) a bit testy being home all the time because I had no money to do anything. So, I applied for a job as a cooking demonstrator for a bit of a lark.

At this point in my illustrious culinary endeavours, I had just learned to cook. Seriously. That’s how bored I was on the dole. I figured I could do chemistry and shit without blowing things up, so I could probably cook. Turned out I can follow instructions adequately and churn out an edible outcome. Nice. So – can cook ish. Can travel. I guess? Okay. Popped in my application, and was suitably impressed I got a call back and an interview. Now, the interview was in the Ansett Lounge at the airport, so I felt pretty damn fancy walking into that establishment. Somehow or other, I bluffed them into thinking I would be the right person for the job and started work a week later. I had to get my passport and everything, because I was trundling off to New Zealand for 12 days to learn my new found craft of teaching people how to get the most out of their microwave ovens.

Yes. I got a job as a demonstrator for Microwave Cuisine Cooking School. They unironically linked the words microwave and cuisine in their title. I was moderately pleased in that well, I would at least be getting out and about a bit and well, earning a couple of bucks while I did it. Nice one.

The Microwave Cuisine Cooking School’s home economists travel throughout Australia and overseas teaching microwave owners how to make microwave cooking easy.By showing students the many tips and techniques that are usually gained through years of experience, they help microwave oven owners to feel confident about using their machines. Cost is $25 and includes morning tea, lunch or dinner and free copy of Joan McDermott’s Ultimate Book of Microwave Hints (valued at $6.95). 

Three hour class, and for only $25 INCLUDING A FREE BOOK. Wow.

Anyway, I rocked up to this woman’s house in the burbs of Melbourne and piled in to a van and took off to the wilds of East Gippsland. We basically rocked up to community halls and sporting clubs around the country and set up shop. And by set up shop, I mean *I* set up a bank of three and sometimes four microwave ovens on a couple of wonky trestle tables, ducked down to the local supermarket and bought the ingredients on the very specific list and did a shed tonne of food preparation (including doing diabolical things to a chicken that yes, I was going to be cooking in one of those microwaves).

Half way through day one, I was pretty sure that there were worse things than being on the dole. Buy the end of day one I knew there were worse things than being on the dole. I spent my first day being kitchen hand/dish pig while my co-worker demonstrated to a pack of farm ladies how to use that newfangled device their husbands had bought them after that bumper harvest. It was totally going to revolutionise the way you cook, and you could throw away everything else and no need to slave over a hot oven on a summer’s day. Wow. Amaze.

Now, the whole premise of these classes was that anything you could cook in a conventional kitchen you could cook in your damn microwave and we demonstrated how to cook a variety of things – a roast chicken, roast beef, your sides, cakes, slices, a {gasps} toasted sandwich for which you would need this very expensive browning dish. Never mind that it took three times as long as cooking it in your bloody jaffle maker, you can cook a fucking toastie IN YOUR MICROWAVE. Outstanding. And browning meat – well. that’s just a visual thing you know, but if you want brown meat you can use Parisian essence. Or rub a packet of French Onion Soup all over your chicken. Delicious. Lordy.

By the end of that first day, I had the uneasy feeling that I was contributing to the decline of the old school country cook, and by the end of the second day I knew my role in this sideshow was to flog as much overpriced single function cookware to as many unsuspecting punters as possible, and charge them $25 for the privilege of being fleeced. My little mother called me one night and asked me how it was. I managed to convey to her the sheer horror of where I’d found myself with yes, no, and a judicious use of mmmm. Yeah. Fun times

But I am a woman of my word. I’d committed to this travesty for a full three weeks, and I was going to stick it out. I soon upgraded from mere kitchen hand/dishpig and broadened my repertoire to include giving parts of the demonstration (while still doing all the kitchen hand/dishpig parts of the job) while my erstwhile colleague flogged as much overpriced shit as she could possibly could. We ran two classes a day – 11 til 2pm and 6 til 9pm. That four hour gap between classes was taken up with flogging shit, cleaning up after the first class, quick trip to the supermarket to restock and checking into whatever low budget country motel was going to be our bed for the night before rushing back to set up for the evening class. And we’d finish up closer to 11 than 10, crawl back to our lodgings where I would lay awake, listening to the dulcet tones of my colleague snoring her head off. Nice. Oh, and we’d start at bumfuck o’clock so we could drive to the next destination, hit the supermarket and set up before the morning class.

You may notice in that timetable a serious lack of time to actually consume proper foodstuffs. Breakfast was maybe a slice of cold toast and a cup of international roast. Lunch and dinner was picking over the leftovers once the punters had eaten their fill because nothing else was fucking open at 10pm on a week night in the boonies. So, tired and fucking starving. And I could say without a lie that I had eaten every single thing we ever cooked. And when you’re that fucking hungry, you’ll say anything.

Anyway, tired, hungry, morally bankrupt. Moderately adept microwave demonstrator. Nothing like a crowd of old country women to keep you on your toes. And apparently, my very general, very mild Australian accent was virtually incomprehensible to a pack of Nanas from the wilds of New Zealand. Although, back then I sounded a lot more South Australia than I probably do now. And didn’t swear as much. But still. Fuck.

At the end of my three weeks, I went home clutching my very own copy of Ultimate Microwave Cooking Hints and a package of the very fancy utensils we were flogging for $20 a pack with the edict to learn how to use all of them properly when we started up again in January. The costs of both were deducted from my pay. And it turns out I was supposed to be getting commission on all the crap we were selling. But yeah, none of that came my way. I waved goodbye to my colleague as I sailed out of the resident return bit at customs, while someone enthusiastically went through her entire oversized luggage and never saw her again.

I went home to bed and slept for two days before starting Career #6 the following Monday and posting my resignation letter.

The Dining Room Diaries – The Insomnia Edition

Sleep is something that’s been on my mind a bit lately. I’ve been getting all introspective and shit and being mindful and all that palaver since I made the executive decision that I had reached what can best be described as Peak Maudy. Also known as the point where one realised that one is in fact fat as fuck and unless one wants to spend a fuck tonne of cashola on the procurement of wider clothing, one had better start taking notice of what one eats.

So how does that relate to sleep? Good fucking question.

Well, as part of this introspective (and to be honest, slightly wanky*) articles I have been subjected to in the process of de-Peakifying Miss Maudy, there was a series of articles on managing stress and stress related eating. This came at a rather good time for me as well. Stressed out of my tiny little brain at the present. A whole conga line of things that, well, you know – one or two would be manageable but ten? Yeah, nah. Stressed. It comes and goes in waves but normally sits at around a 5/10 and peaks at eleven or so. Out of ten. So, I was super keen to (actually) read these articles and get some ideas about managing my stress levels.

But I realised after reading the articles that they were about managing your food-response cues to stress. I don’t actually eat while I am stressed. I just don’t. I’m not hungry at all and food has no appeal, so I just don’t eat. I clench my jaw so hard that my face hurts and I chew on the inside of my cheeks. But I don’t sit down and plow through a block of chocolate and a family pack of barbeque chips when I’m stressed.

But the other thing I don’t do when I am stressed is sleep. And when I’m super tired… it’s like I’m hungover, and there’s that one perfect thing I can eat that will make me feel better. So hells yeah, family block of fruit and nut and bag of BBQ chippies GET IN MA BELLEH.

I’ve always been a bit shithouse at sleeping. I was one of those kids who was bundled into the car for fifty or so laps around the block when I was an infant; and I’ve always woken up at the drop of a hat. I’m the kind of person that goes from asleep to awake and that’s it. No in betweens. Well, once I had babies, I did master the art of getting up, feeding the baby and shoving him back in bed without actually waking up properly… that was pretty good (Mayhem was efficient. Chaos on the other hand…). I’ve had insomnia off and on since I was an actual teenager in a teenager’s body, instead of a teenager in the head of a middle aged lady. I used to sleepwalk and sleep talk and do all manner of odd things in the middle of the night (remind me to tell you the tale of the electric blanket one day).

When I was in my early thirties, my insomnia peaked. I was getting around three hours sleep at night, maybe four on a good night; and not even catching up on weekends. Again, I was fairly stressed – my father had recently died, work was being an arsehole, my love life was in the toilet (again), I’d taken up university and was juggling study with full time work. It was quite ridiculous. I would either not go to sleep at all, drop off in the early hours, and be rudely awakened by my alarm at 6am; or, I would go to sleep okay. But wake up at 2 or 3am and lie there, raging about being awake, until I’d drop off in the early hours and again be rudely awakened by my alarm. I tried all sorts of natural “remedies” – none of which stopped the rage-awakenings in the middle of the night.

I finally went to my doctor after a couple of weeks solid of not sleeping and I tried some chemical assistance. Ahem. No. Not a fan. Taking a sufficient dose that I would fall asleep and stay asleep *all* night left me a zombie the next day. Reducing the dose meant I’d fall asleep, still wake up and rage with the added bonus of being a zombie still the next day. This was not a case of better living through chemistry. It was worse! Back to the doctor I went.

So, we talked a lot about my sleep habits (sketchy as fuck, to be honest) and a bedtime routine (bwhahahahahahaaa) and how some people (me) when they come to the top of a sleep cycle, open their eyes and look around. And if you do that, and you see the clock, and you see time passing in 40 or so minute increments. You think you’re awake. And when you think you’re awake, guess what? You fucking wake up. Ahem. So, new rules.

  1. Move your fucking clock. If you can’t see time passing you won’t know time is passing.
  2. Have a bedtime routine. Make it a ritual and do things in the same order.
  3. If you wake up – Get up and do something. It’s okay to be awake.
  4. After no more than 40 minutes, re-do the bedtime routine and go back to bed again.

Moving the clock was the biggest game changer. I probably still wake up a bazillion times a night (according to my fitbit, this is actually true) but I”m not aware of it. And having *permission* to be awake is another one.Yep, you’re awake. No point getting angsty over it. Use the time to do something else. I used to get up, get dressed (supporting undergarments and everything) and walk up to the 7/11. I’d buy a chocolate bar and walk home, repeat the evening routine and go back to bed. Instead of being awake for 3+ hours in the middle of the night, I’d go back to sleep after about an hour. It’s still broken sleep BUT it would be seven hours of broken sleep instead of four or five. Now, I give it 20 minutes then read for a bit. Usually works.

Even now, the bedtime routine is still a thing. It takes 15-20 minutes and I do it every single night. IN ORDER. Even if I’ve done parts of it earlier. I get up from the couch, start turning lights off, clean the kitchen, pop the last couple of things in the dishwasher and run it, go outside and erm. Check the perimeter. Come in, lock the back door, do ma evening ablutions, lock the front door and hop into bed. I read for ten or so minutes most nights, then it’s sleepy bo-bos time. Someone once described sleep as being like a train – you have to wait for the Sleep Train to come to your station and get on as soon as it arrives. If you dilly dally, you’ll *miss* that train and have to wait for the next one. It’s probably lost something over time in my memory (that is scarred from sleep deprivations. Ahem.) But basically, if the sleep train is pulling in as I go to bed, no reading or I’ll miss that train and it will be another 20 minutes til the next one. Sometimes I forget. Mostly I remember.

So yeah. There’s sleep. And not sleeping. And being so bonecrunchingly tired I don’t know what to do with myself. But this passes. The stress passes. And gets replaced by a new and different kind of stress. And that too passes. Bit fucking Zen, hey. But as long as I realise that the tired is down to stress and will NOT be relieved by fruit and nut chocolate and BBQ chips; and what I really need is an early night… eh. We’ll see.

*I have a degree in psychology, specialising in social and cognitive psychology. You know, behaviour change. These articles are a) based on reasonably sound research; b) cute-d up and simplified for the lay-person; c) twee as fuck. Honestly, it’s like your dad tryin’ to be hip and down with the cool kids. Noice. I know how this is all supposed to work, and I am actually a little brat and ignore most of the articles and the “homework” I’m supposed to do. But hey, I have lost 3/4 of the Covid Condition, so I will shut up now. And keep not reading my articles.

The Dining Room Diaries Episode I don’t even know what day it is don’t judge me

This is the one with some random thoughts. I think. Something I started a couple of months ago and got side-tracked with. Me side-tracked? Who would have thought? I’ve been such a slacker lately. Well, I haven’t actually been a slacker – hence the lack of write (and the sudden flurry of posts. Ahem). Anyway. Random thoughts is random and here are some random thoughts.

Firstly, Christmas. When the fuck did that happen? Okay, that was bloody ages ago now, but hey, once that was over, I was sitting in my chair surrounded by the detritus of the day, going thank fuck that’s over for another year. Now I’m not normally massively together and organised a week out, but fuck. This year? No fucking idea about anything. I ventured into town a couple of weeks before Christmas for the first time and oh my fucking lord, too many people, so much noise, and the stench of a crowd on a hot summer’s day. It was vile. The rate I was going, everyone was lucky they didn’t end up with a stick and maybe a Carlton Draught bottle cap with a bit of trivia on it. Maybe. If they’re lucky.

One thing I did notice while I was doing the shopping and not buying anything anyone wanted was because well, the shelves were picked bare. Like, seriously – was it the last Christmas on earth? One joint was busily rearranging stuff that was left to fill the holes on the shelves, while trying to remember where the last two widgets were put because even though that’s where you’d think they’d be they got moved because they looked lonely. So yeah, even the big ticket stuff was a bit well. Looks like that’s not an option either. Bloody hell. Maybe town is always this picked over by the time Christmas rolls around, and I don’t notice because I’m in there almost every day? But even the post Christmas sales were a bit tragic as well. Maybe the Grinch did eat Christmas this year?

I took the week off between Christmas and New Year – I think this is only the third or fourth time since I started working back in the later part of last century (man, I am old) aside from when I was on maternity leave. Reg worked, and the kids slept in ’til lunch time and hung with their mates. New Year was a night. Mayhem had some mates over – I ended up watching the finale of Bridgerton in the company of a herd of squeamish 15 year old boys. Nice. And Chaos who has attained his majority was shenaniganising around the countryside until brrrng brrng. Hey ma… can we come back to ours? Yes, darling, that’s fine. Of course I am happy that my barely 18 year old child is at home on the muckiest night of the year.

New Year’s Eve has always been overrated. Too much pressure to have a Good Time and if you don’t have a Good Time, then well. Your entire year is rooooned. When I worked in hospitality, I always put my hand up to work – no pressure to have a good time because sorry, working; the tips are always awesome, and yeah, clean head in the morning. When there’s a party, there’s always the pressure of having “fun” and then trying to get home afterward. When I used to live closer to town, I’d walk home NYE. Now I am too old for that shite. I remember one year when the kids were little, the in-laws said we are taking the boys you go out and have a good time, no excuses. We’d been invited to like three parties and when it came to the crunch of well, do we go here for a while then there? Or there and there? What if that one gets offended we went here? What do you want to do? No, what do you want to do? Well, actually, I just want to go out for dinner, go see the early fireworks and watch telly. Best New Year’s ever.

Having a break was really good. I needed it. The best part though? The Dining Room was the dining room again for a whole ten days. Meals were eaten at the table like civilised adults, instead of perched on stools in the kitchen. Craft was done. Messy, spread out across the universe craft. Dead people were stalked. And some living people. But only to find out if they were dead. And they’re alive until proven otherwise. Or something like that. Maybe. I even read both of my Christmas books – I got Nat’s What I Reckon Un-cook yourself and the new Phryne Fisher Death in Daylesford. One was ace, one was disappointing. In that order. Although I have to say the second one felt like it was written by someone else. Or maybe for TV? It wasn’t the bloody same anyway.

Then,it was back to work for a couple of weeks (during which I realised I really needed two consecutive weeks off, and not a week followed by another week a couple of weeks later) then an actual family holiday that was NOT CAR RELATED! It was lovely. Beach holiday house full of Nice Things (not complete crap), walking distance to the shops and the beach, a lovely deck for lolling about on in the sunshine with my books and my craft. In fact the only thing that was missing was a few lamps. Lamps are underrated. Had some quality family time, took Reg for a gin tasting… gin isn’t his cup of tea, however, when push came to shove, I discovered I could not walk into a distillery by myself and do a tasting. Just was not going to happen. But Reg kindly took one for the team and discovered there is gin and there is gin. Yes, we came home with a bottle of the delicious from the distillery. Which he is helping me drink. We may have to have a little day trip… or an overnighter? I can leave the 15 year old home with the 18 year old, yes?

Oh, and we had a near death experience on that trip – probably not our deaths, fortuitously – so, we were visiting some friends a couple of towns further along the Great Ocean Road – which, for the uninitiated, is best described as a bit windy. Has a speed limit of 80km/h and most of the (blind) corners have a speed advisory of 40km/h (or less). Anyway, I’m pootling along at about 60km/h most of the way… then next thing you know, a bunch of motorcycle riders came roaring up behind me. Then overtook. On a solid white line. Then their little friends came up behind me and a) double white line; b) car coming the opposite way and c) if I’d not backed off a bit, the last one would have clipped the front of my car, causing me to drive into a sheer cliff face, and them to fly off over the side of the same cliff. Nice one, dickheads. Their other two friends came up one at a time, waited patiently, and overtook in a civilised fashion. So, dickheads in groups. Obvs. And how did I know they were all little friends? Well, the matching outfits gave it away. Nice one, fucksticks.

Of course, this holiday ended with a small disaster… turns out that in the process of cleaning out the fridge to go away for a week, somebody helpfully turned the fridge off to stop it beeping. And it stayed off. For a week. Aside from the exploding cream, the fridge wasn’t that bad. But the freezer? Fuck. And the stench? Also. Fuck. Much scrubbing and googling ensued, everything that could go through the dishwasher did. Everything that couldn’t went outside for a pressure wash. And everything *in* the fridge and freezer went in the bin. Lordy, that was bad. But silver linings – you know how there’s always a couple of things in the freezer you really should throw out, but you forget or it gets shoved to the back and forgotten? Yeah, well, after the Purge, there’s none of that any more. And while I wouldn’t have actually been 100% sad if the fridge had to be burned with fire… a good scrubbing, some bowls of oats, coffee, and bi-carb (along with a few teabags) and it’s good as new. And clean. And a month later, you can’t even tell there was a disaster.

Then it was back to school, back to work, back to nagging the kids like Ming the Merciless. And back to the fucking Dining Room.