3,542 pages.

by missmaudy

I have just finished reading the first four (or five, depending how you count them – but seeing as my version was four books in one book, I am sticking to the reading of the first four)…

I have just finished reading the first four books of Game of Thrones.

Actually, in the interests of being strictly correct, I have just finished the first four books of “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin. All 3,542 pages of it.

(Some people get a bit weird about it, sorry.)

Have to say I’ve loved it completely – I read books 3 and 4 back to back, and read a whole lot of other stuff in between one and two and two and three. I’m also watching the series (I’ve just started series 2) and reached the mid-point of Book 3 at the same point as the finale of series three was on the telly, so I could join in on all the ooohs and the aaaahs and the bloody hells, what just happeneds that belonged to that episode. That was fun, although I did have to keep my lip zipped as I was a little further on and there is more stuff that happens. Stuff. And that.

As an entirely unrelated aside, I just realised I read half of Book 3 (or Book 4) and Book 4 (or 5) in three weeks. Crikey. That’s a lot of pages. I did have a week off in the middle of that three weeks, but I was working at the same time. Obviously not enough to stop me reading!

One thing I have resigned myself to is that every time I start liking a character – pfft. Off with their heads. I’m starting to quite like Jaime – I give him about 2 more chapters  and he’ll have lost more than his sword hand (which is probably not a spoiler. Well, depending on where you’re up to – I’m sure it was chopped off a while ago anyway), but yeah, liking Jaime, his days are numbered. And Sam. He’s definitely a goner.

(Speculation – not spoilers, ok. I tell you what, some people are in fact a little odd)