Lalalala…Look! Over there! (while I quickly write a post or two to catch up)

by missmaudy


Where was I?

Ah, yes. Reading, and telling you all about it (and possibly whinging about housework).

Alright then. Life and stuff (and not to forget that) has been tripping along nicely so I’m a bit behind. However, I have been reading so that’s alright then. I’ve read two and a half and a bit books since I last posted – the ‘and a bit’ being a book in .pdf format that didn’t go well with the e-reader. However, the bits of it I could read were bloody brilliant, so I will be doing my best to get ahold of it in an actual book-type format so that I can enjoy the amazing illustrations and not get tangled up with the font not being resizable and having to scan around the page to read it. Wasn’t working for me, I give you the tip. I read the first two chapters though, and I would really like to read the rest.

(The book is A Cotton Candy Autopsy by Dave Louapre. It’s part of the “Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children” series. The only version I can find is on Amazon, and it was $90! The book is brilliant, but umm. Not brilliant enough for me to spend that much on a comic! I’ve tried reading it on the laptop, but again – not really working for me. I may have to acquire a tablet of some kind. How tragic for me, yes? Upshot is, I will keep an eye out for it and hopefully find a way of reading the damn thing!)

Not so much of the whinging about housework though – after four weeks of spending half a day in the laundromat dealing with the washing (and reading while I waited for towels and sheets to get dry) I finally have a decent washing machine. Now to get a new dryer… I could whinge about the treatment of my football team and the whole election campaign thing but I’ll save your eyes. Suffice to say they’re both been a bit of a joke (of the particularly unfunny kind); and attempting to explain the difference between The Greens and greenies was best described as painful.