Well I never.

by missmaudy

Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch is the fourth book in a series about a wizard detective called Peter Grant. I picked up the first book in the series because, well – I liked the cover. And the premise sounded alright. And the story was pretty good, so I got hold of the second. Then I read the third. And waited with great anticipation for Book 4.

Not disappointed, I gives you the tip. Ok, the first 200 pages were a bit slow, but there was a thread running through them so that you knew you were heading somewhere. Just, you weren’t sure where you were going or whether something was going to happen when you got there – or whether you’d just be tucking into a nice kebab and staggering home to bed.

Then the ends started coming together thick and fast and stuff happened. There were a satisfactory number of explosions and a couple of cracking fights. And there was a Twist. Quite frankly, I did not see that coming. Although, in hindsight, it really made sense.

If you’re thinking of reading the series, you have to start at the first one because there’s quite a lot going on in the background that is Important, even if it just seems like wallpaper. Even with book four, I can’t help but wonder what Mollie is up to, and whether The Nightingale is going to spill a bit more…

Guess I will just have to wait…

Now, because I have just started reading A Dance With Dragons, might be a while before my next book post. May post about other stuff. Or that.