Missing breakfast, a spot of Holiday Reading (it also appears to be Book Season)

by missmaudy

Almost as soon as I finished The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I picked up the other Neil Gaiman book that I ostensibly bought for my resident seven year old, and gave it a read. Of course, I was only doing this to ensure that it was of a suitable nature for seven year olds and not because of any desire to read it myself.

“Fortunately, the milk…” (complete with ellipses, super shiny cover and illustrated by Chris Riddell) is a cracking good yarn. It’s a total Dad Joke – the kind of tale I remember my dad spinning when I was a wee lass. Although, there weren’t as many dinosaurs in dad’s stories. The Resident Seven Year Old looked at it sideways, picked it up, put it down, said it wasn’t his cup of tea, then wandered off to bed with it several hours later, never to be seen again. Page was carefully marked before he went to sleep, so I take it he approves. He is only nice to books he likes.

I’m on a break from work – apparently, it’s my turn to look after the children while they’re on school holidays. So needs must and I’ve got a week off. A ‘tradition’ of sorts for the holidays is that I buy the children a book each for their holiday reading. ¬†Coincidentally, they often lose ‘electronics’ for several days during the holidays – especially during the second week when they’re just enough over each other that a punch on seems like an awesome idea. Books are a viable and suitably quiet alternative. So far though, they’ve resisted the urge to either punch on or be vile enough to require confiscation of electrics. Possibly because they have books.

So, the next thing on my reading agenda is getting back into A Dance With Dragons. I’m just over half way through, but while I’m waiting for Book Six, I think I have a few books to be getting along with. While looking for suitable books for the children (smallest boy got the 39 Story Tree House, the larger one got an Eric Vale book); of course I wandered through the grown ups section and could not believe my eyes.


(Telly season)


(Telly season)

Ok, there’s a couple of good shows on the telly as well, but Lordy, it totally is Book Season. So far, I have collected:

  1. Murder and Mendelssohn – Kerry Greenwood (the 20th Phryne Fisher book.) As a not entirely unrelated aside, Essie Davis is spot on as Miss Fisher.
  2. Never Go Back – Lee Child
  3. Bones of the Lost – Kathy Reichs
  4. Save with Jamie – Jamie Oliver
  5. The Great Australian Bake Off Cookbook.

Plus, I have a list with another six or so books on it (on my phone, natch, which is on charge and I can’t be bothered getting up and getting it.) But there’s a true crime written by John Safran about the murder of a white supremacist he met in Mississippi; Val McDermid has a new Tony Hill mystery out, there’s a new Stephen King that’s a sort of sequel to The Shining. Not 100% certain about the wisdom of that one… but still.

The cook books were always going to happen. Think I mentioned earlier that I might have a problem with cook books, and I’ve been eyeing off the GABO Cookbook since before the series even started. It seems to be a decent cook book in that it has proper instructions for some of the technical bake items (things every good baker should be able to bake) complete with illustrations. The Jamie one – well, glutton for punishment I think. I’m hoping that it’s not as insane as the 15 and 30 minute cook books, and that at least some of the recipes don’t use every dish in the house!

I’ve semi-planned to cook one thing from each of them before the end of my week off BUT it’s going along quite quickly, and I may run out of time. I’ve had a flick through Jamie, and it seems reasonable, and I am loving the baking one, but I need to be in the Mood to cook fancy cakes, and some of those cakes are fancy. Dinner tomorrow night is a fat, juicy lamb roast followed by chocolate puddin’ (from Cookery the Australian Way) and lemon delicious from Merle’s Kitchen. So, even if I don’t make anything from my two new cookbooks, I will have made about five things from proper recipes by the end of the week (I’ve already made bread, hummus – although I made that one up a bit as I was missing stuff, and sausage rolls Maudy Style) .

The rest of my holidays involve finishing A Dance With Dragons and getting stuck well into the new books on my reading list.