Dem bones, dem bones…

by missmaudy

I’ve had a particularly busy time of late, so I’m having a quiet night in with my Imaginary Husband* and a bit of shooty fisticuffs and unnecessary violence (lost track of the body count – umpty several, I think). I’m sharing the film with my Actual Husband as well. I’m not a total weirdo.

After I finally finished reading A Dance With Dragons,  have been refreshing my reading palate with a dalliance with some serial killers and general rotten cads. I must admit I am partial to a good serial killer, especially coupled with a cracking good tale. So, it was with some anticipation that I dipped into Kathy Reichs’ latest – Bones of the Lost. I have to say that the anticipation was mixed with a touch of trepidation, as the last couple I’ve read have been a bit light on. In fact, if I was more of the purchaser of books and less of the acquirer, I think I would be annoyed. This one was about 290 pages, so a nice quick read – especially after the 1,000+ of ADWD.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoyed this – but I am finding Ms Reichs books to be more of a vehicle for her (admittedly very worthy) hobby horses. I can’t really go into this particular one as it would give away 85% of the plot. But when the story and the suspense is playing second fiddle, and there are more than a couple of plot lines that don’t really make sense. I suppose when one only has around 250 pages of story (excluding the epilogue which explains all the things), there’s not a lot of room for explaining and the loose ends all ended up being nicely tidied up in a bow at the end.

But I was left feeling like “that was it?  Seriously?”

However, while I’d only give this a three out of five because of the length and the unresolved stuff, it was certainly a wee cracker and amused me sufficiently over a wet weekend. And yes, I’ll be getting ahold of #17 when it’s released.

*Imaginary Husband is a certain Daniel Craig. We just watched Casino Royale.