Oh Mr Reacher….

by missmaudy

“Never Go Back” by Lee Child is the 18th (I think) book about Jack Reacher, who is a honkin’ great giant of a man – 6’5″ tall, a true mesomorph muscle man (and totally NOT bloody Tom Cruise. I don’t care.). He travels America with a folding toothbrush and not much else.

And he manages to get into all manner of pickles and up to even more shenanigans. This one’s no exception – but seriously, not sure how on earth he manages to a) get into so many scrapes and b) stay out of gaol for longer than five minutes; because quite frankly, he goes the whack first and asks questions later. In “Never Go Back”, he – well – he goes back. To Virginia to meet the woman who’s now doing the job that he did because he quite likes her voice and her conversation.

Now, there’s not a lot to say about the Jack Reacher books, primarily because they’re really a bit same-y same. Jack Reacher arrives in a new town on the bus, whacks a few people, shags a nice lady, gets a lift with some old codger and gets out of town in the nick of time, then hops on the bus and arrives in a new town where it all starts again. This one is really no exception, although there was a lot less whacking compared to some of the others, and about a samey amount of shagging. The story was a bit thin, although it did get him to race about the country a bit more than he normally does. Think Amazing Race with more biffo.

Anyway, it was indeed a cracking yarn, I did work out a couple of the little side plots that were pretty obvious, in a “HA! I knew it!” kind of way. Jolly good holiday read that one. Easy on the brains, and no real intellectual effort required. Just what the doctor ordered after a long hard day of work where a lot of thinky is involved. So if you’re after a bit of mindless biff with a spot of reasonably discreet shagging… yeah. Read it. And try not to think of Toothy McTootherson.