Don’t believe the hype.

by missmaudy

Resolutions are tricky things. Everyone starts off brilliantly (until, you know, the 2nd January) when the resolutions are wiped off as failed until next year. For the last three or so years, I’ve pretty much been working on the same five resolutions, and each year, I do a quick recap on how I went… So here goes!

1. Accept that I will read the news and that the world is full of stupid people who shouldn’t really breathe; and also that my friend of a million years is undoubtedly going to get her panties in a bundle over the election. I value the friendship, so I resolve not to engage her in ANY political banter in the coming year. Even if it means blocking her ‘political’ posts so I can’t see what her equally silly friends have to say. 

I didn’t break up with any of my friends. However, my feral green socialist leftie soul has been exposed for all to see. I got annoyed a lot, irritated with the intense blindness to anything but the line of Andrew bloody Bolt and Piers Wankerpants (who thinks Peppa Pig is a feminazi of the highest order) and because they read it in the Hun, it must be true. Even if it’s not. However, I am a grown up. And I like other things about these people so…

  • I resolve to keep my feral leftie socialist mouth closed a little longer, and really – changing the subject won’t kill me. Shouting at deaf people can’t teach them to hear.

2. Write more. Start a new blog. Keep a diary. Start writing “the story that probably starts in the middle”. Write SOMETHING!

  • Here we are… new blog. Cooking and reading. Two favourite things. Little bit of side writing, but nothing coherent. Yet.

3. Work smarter. Not just *at* work, but at home as well.

3a. Work out exactly WHAT work smarter means!

Thinking I skated a bit close to the edge a few too many times this year. The ball got dropped more than once, and hey, kicked over the fence a few times, too – culminating in a single day when my presence was required in four places simultaneously, my head exploding and needing to rock in a corner for a while. And that was just at home. Work… eh, pretty good on the whole. No particular standouts, one semi-fail (not entirely my fault though). I think 2013 was Year of the Duck.

  • Less duck, more eagle. Ahem. Bit less of that paddling like mad to stay in the same place and a bit more of choosing what and where and how. Writing lists, keeping the family diary/calendar up to scratch, delegating what I can – sounds like a good place to start. I resolve to try and keep my shit together this year.

4. Say “no, actually, I really don’t want to do that/go there/see those people”. Just ONCE. In a year. Completely REFUSE to do something I don’t want to do. 

Because I don’t remember saying “no” to things I didn’t want to do, but did say “no” to stuff I actually *did* want to do… this was a Fail.

  • Try this one again. The ability to say NO won’t hurt in my pursuit of #3, either.

5.  I am going to read fifty (50,or even if you prefer, L) books this year. And at least one has to have some literary merit. It has been thirty years since Year 12 English Literature scarred me irretrievably from reading Good Books, I think it’s time I grew out of it.

Not sure how many books I read this year. I would hazard a guess and say 40 or thereabouts. However, four of that 40 were Game of Thrones related – they’re the equivalent of ten books on their own. I did read books that had won prizes (St Lucy’s Home for Girls raised by Wolves), I read books that weren’t fiction. Definitely broadened my horizons from crime, death, serial killers, vampires and sword and sorcery.

  • Aim for 50 books again.

And this year, I’m adding a sixth…

6. Exercise.

I am a sloth. I am getting a bit older now. Sloth-like behaviour is not good for ones health. I have started walking ( three weeks ago) and I’m aiming for the old faithful 10K steps a day. I’ve got a pedometer app on my phone (that only works in my pocket or hand – not in my handbag, or on the bench) and I am getting there. Most days I do crack the 10K, and the days that I haven’t have generally been days that involve clothes without pockets, flat phones, or leaving it on the aforementioned bench.  I don’t run (too jiggy), don’t play sport (pfft), don’t like classes (sweaty and jiggy). So I walk and I bike ride.

  • I resolve to walk the Hound every day, ride my bike when I can, and not pay for parking more than once a week (unless it’s raining, or thundering and lightninging. They’re valid reasons for not walking.)

So… here goes 2014, abrim with good intentions.