The Shining Girls

by missmaudy

I read The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes  straight after Special Topics (and it was another one I picked up from Raging Bibioholism ) It’s one of those books that everyone seems to want to rave about, it’s about a time travelling serial killer – thus merging two of my most favourite genres – crime n death and science fiction. So, I expected to really like it. I mean – what’s not to like – a creepy bloke stalks girls through time for reasons best known to himself, then kills them, leaving a really random ‘present’ behind.


I don’t know exactly what it was about the book … I enjoyed it while I was reading it, and I looked forward to reading it each night, but as soon as I’d finished it – it was gone. WHOOSH. Straight out of my head. I couldn’t tell you the name of the two main characters, the name of the paper, anything. It was set in Chicago, and started off in the Great Depression (yes, I googled it), I really couldn’t remember the name of the book or anything about it at all – and it wasn’t until I saw it in the book shop that I remembered the name of it at all.

It wasn’t a bad book, not by any means. And it wasn’t that it wasn’t what I was expecting. The time travel-y bits were suitably time travel-y, the killer was nicely creepy. The girl who survived was quirky and interesting… It just was a bit – forgettable as it turns out. Maybe even a bit boring. Maybe it needed some more detail or something. Some explanation, a bit more of the why and a bit less of the moving the story along quite so briskly.

One word review – Disappointing.

I really wanted to like the book – and I suppose I did, while I was reading it. But it didn’t stay with me afterward. I still think of Blue from Special Topics, and I’m heading off to catch up with Tavi in the Codex Alera shortly. But Kirby (yes, I just went and Googled her name, darn it) lasted as long as it took me to read the book. So yeah, take it on with low expectations and you’ll probably be really excited like 85% of the people that have read it!