Day 2. Favourite film

by missmaudy

( I’m going to do this “Blog a day in May” thing – I probably won’t do every day because I have a short attention sp – oh look! SHINY! Maybe the ones that fit in my very stringent rules for writing in this blog… or I get bored. Or side tracked. As if that would ever happen)

Favourite movie – I don’t have a single favourite fillum – I have a few. I’m not really the kind of person who will sit down and rewatch a film over and over again so as to get a ‘favourite’. Plus, my attention span is too short these days. Most of the films I like are from ages ago when I didn’t have children and I used to go see a ridiculous amount of movies (pretty much every week – drive in on Saturday nights for a double feature, Tight Arse Tuesdays during the week.). When I was studying, I’d go and get five movies for $10 from the video shop and watch trashy teen flicks to my hearts content (Idle Hands anyone!) while I studied. Since the kids were born, making time to see a film that’s not aimed at kids is more difficult. The last few films I’ve seen are the Lego Movie, RoboCop, Iron Man 3… I can’t remember the last time I went to the pictures to see something without kids (might have been Inglorious Basterds –  Gold Class, followed by dinner, home by 9pm in ma jarmies. Awesome night).

So, a selection of my favourite films can be found below.

1. The Blues Brothers. Car chase. Good music. It’s our Christmas movie – I pop it on at Christmas time while I wrap presents and drink Baileys. Mmm Baileys.
2. Blade Runner. Amazing. Cyberpunk dystopian future where androids are part of every day life (and not just phone operating systems)
3. The Princess Bride – need I say more
4. Breakfast Club/Pretty in Pink/16 Candles/Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – John Hughes movies from the late 80’s were just perfect.
5. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom