Day 3. Changing tracks

by missmaudy

Now, this is a song that marked a point in my life where things started to head off in a different direction. I’d just broken up with my boyfriend and I was ridiculously unhappy about it. We’d been together for three and a half years, and while we’d been having a few issues, things seemed to be getting back on track with our relationship. I was completely shocked when he ditched me. Anyway, I wallowed in my misery for a few weeks, until New Years Eve (yes, the prick ditched me two weeks before Christmas, and after I’d bought presents for his immense family.) I was spending NYE helping one of my friends paint her house and definitely not doing drive bys past the ex’s house because that would be creepy and weird. Anyway, “I will survive” came on the radio or on a CD (probably a CD, unless it was Triple J?). The Cake version. We sang along in the kitchen (might have sung into the odd paint brush or two)

I went home that night, and wrote a list – a list of pros and cons. And when it took my like ten seconds to come up with 15 things I didn’t like about him, and I struggled to come up with three positives…

I would (and did) most definitely survive.