Day 14 – an image that I love

by missmaudy

I don’t know that I have a favourite image – I love the photo I’m currently using as my desktop image at work – It’s a shot of my three favourite blokes in the world. Chaos and Sir Reg are smiling nicely for the camera and Mayhem is being Mayhem. But in six months time, I’ll probably take another picture of the lads that I love just as much (maybe take one with the hound in it as well – she’s part of the family even if she’s not a bloke.) While I grew up in a family of artists, and while I can appreciate a noice bit of art when I see it, I don’t really have a favourite painting/image. I’m more into words than pictures. I also prefer photography to say paintings or sculptures, when I was an angsty teen, I liked the work of David Hamilton (but I think he’s a total creepy perve from the perspective of adulthood)

In the interests of the de-philistination of the Wee Ferals, I took them to the art gallery on the weekend – and while there was much discussion about the prominence of boobies in art, there was at least an equivalent amount of discussion about the modern installations. Probably more – they were quite keen on discussing why something was considered to be art and why something they drew/painted/stuck on the wall randomly for no apparent reason wasn’t. Maybe they’re not total philistines, despite their obsession with the depiction of naked forms in both two and three dimensions. And boobies.