New Charlaine Harris. Less vampires, more creepy!

by missmaudy

It was with a mixture of glee and trepidation that I opened up “Midnight Crossing” by Charlaine Harris. Trepidation because of the whole dragging out of the inevitable and general silliness of the whole Sookie Stackhouse series; and glee because, well TRASH!!!! I do like me some trashy fiction. I just prefer my trash to include serial killers, crime and death and/or general ridiculous gruesome rather than lovey dovey stuff and not too much of the sexuals. If I want to read raunchy stuff, well hey I know where to look. Ahem. I digress. Often. But you’re aware of that by now. Back to the book. It’s set in the town of Midnight, Texas, which pretty much consists of a diner, service station, antique shop and manicurist, pawn shop and a magic shop and maybe 20 residents. Some of the characters have popped up in other books – the main character, Manfred Bernardo is the cousin of Harper Connolly from that series, Lily Bard rates a mention, and I am sure there’s going to be some cross referencing to all the other series written by Charlaine Harris.

Now, there’s not going to be a lot I can really say about the book because it was only 258 pages long (walk in the park after the last couple of epic marathons I’ve been reading) without giving away too much of the plot, such as it is. Yes, light on with the plot, up there with the character introductions and peculiar events; and potential for general amusements in an ongoing fashion. Saturday was wet and windy where I live – normally, I spend Saturdays ferrying kids around, foraging for the family and generally catching up with the bits of housework the cleaner doesn’t take care of (like washing, meal planning, bill paying, that sort of thing – all the time consuming and tedious stuff that nobody notices when it’s done, but everyone complains about when it’s not), but this last Saturday, not only was I a little shabby from the late night before coupled with an inadvertent early morning (and in dire need of a couple of hours sleep), I had a haircut and colour booked for Saturday morning. So all I had to do was drop off the kids and enjoy sitting back for an hour and a half getting prettied up. And reading my book! Uninterrupted 45 minutes of reading while my colour did its thing and whadderyou know, I’m a fair chunk of the way through the book. Fast forward to the afternoon when apathy had taken hold and used its super strength gravitational pull to cement me to the couch for the duration, only leaving the couch to switch over a load of washing or throw food at the kids. I finished the entire book in one day.

Can’t remember the last time I did that – partially because I’ve been reading epicly long books of epic epicness, and mostly because I don’t often take the time. But it was a wet, miserable day and it was warm and comfy inside on the couch with a book. I think this book would work just as well as a loll on the beach under an umbrella kind of book with a nice, cool drink as well. It’s easy to whip through in one (or two) or two sessions, and perfectly trashy. It’s definitely a McBook; hence my need to write it up before it vanished from memory, which I’m quite sure it will in a couple of days. The ‘mystery’ was sorta weird, and the wrap up was equally peculiar, but hey. I didn’t mind it at all, and while I won’t be chomping at the bit waiting for the next one to show up, I’ll certainly acquire it when the time comes.