Ok, there were a couple more books in the mix as well…

by missmaudy

Ok – the first book was called Lexicon, by Max Barry.

It was fucking brilliant.

For me, the dead giveaway of a good book is when I don’t want to do anything else but read my book, and when I was reading that book, that was all I wanted to do. The story and the world within it were so different to anything I’d read before – and while completely outrageous, at the same time you could believe it was plausible. It opened with a young Australian guy being kidnapped at the airport on his arrival in America, gets a needle in the eyeball (ew) and is generally dazed and confused –  when all he wanted to do was catch up with his girlfriend. On the other hand, a second story starting somewhat earlier involving a really young girl who is doing card tricks for money and she ends up at a special “school”  where she learns to use power of words to persuade people to give her what she wants. It’s insane.

There are people that you come across that have things and get things and have things just fall in their lap, and you wonder what it is exactly that they’ve done to find themselves in that position. And reading this book makes you wonder if it’s true… The story crosses from the past story thread to the future one and back again until they intertwine so completely you’re reading one story again. There’s guns and chasing and violence and conspiracies and it’s non stop. Savage and brutal and completely merciless.

I didn’t realise that the Max Barry that wrote this was the same one that wrote Jennifer Government and Syrup. Both books I read a long time ago, but I don’t really remember them all that well  – might have to look them up again, hmm.

T’other book I read was the latest Jim Butcher – Skin Game  – this is the fourteenth (or fifteenth) novel in Mr Butcher’s series about Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only Wizard detective. Although, I’m pretty sure that he’s not listed in the phone book any more, what with all the Winter Knight stuff, and living on a haunted island and the like. It was pretty cool. I like them – they’re quality trash and make for awesome winter afternoon reading material (as an aside, is it always winter in Chicago? Or is it just that the last few books seem to have been set in winter?) Not a lot else I can say about this one, really – if you’re going to take up reading them, start at book one. There’s a LOT going on that won’t make a heap of sense unless you start at the start. So, if you like a bit of biffo smacko, bit of magic, bit of actual nasty vampires, few demons, not too much of the sexuals and kissy bits (so it’s probably good for young lads who like that sort of supernatural thing but aren’t keen on  the lovey dovey bits)

Not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but I appear to have got myself into a bit of a funk-ish writer’s block-ish kind of spot (which is currently not being helped by laptop keyboard misbehaviour. I’ve given it a spanking but to no avail. And a jolly good shaking. May need to get the compressor onto it. Or a new one. A new one would be nice). This blockage is extending to other areas – including the writing I get paid to do, so I am sitting here, trying to bash the keyboard into submission along with the blockage of writing… 

Man, this keyboard is annoying me! My imaginary husband is on the telly again, so I might just succumb to the pain in the arse that is writers block and this equally painful damn keyboard and go enjoy a bit more of the technicolour biff while I work out what on earth I am going to read next and suss out whether it’s the computer or me that’s got issues…