Getting stuff done

by missmaudy

I’ve had a week that could best be described as interesting.

It started with a bit of a tickle in the back of the throat, segued into a fully blown cold, added in a tiny bit of hayfever (ok, maybe not a tiny bit – on Wednesday, I single-handedly decimated a small forest, deafened most of my co-workers and at one point, seriously thought I’d broken a rib. I am not the most lady-like of sneezers). Just to make things really interesting though, I woke up on Thursday morning with the goopy red eye…

I looked so damn attractive.

And it was the best I’d felt all week.

While I was more than happy to share the cold-related loving, sharing conjunctivitis really isn’t on, so I ducked into work, grabbed a heap of stuff I could do at home, sent myself half a dozen emails, delegated a couple of “must do today” jobs and worked from home for the day. Epic win. I didn’t infect anyone, got a shit load of work done (including finishing the damn paper I was writing that was giving me damn writers block, damnit. It’s submitted now. Thank goodness.); did a couple of loads of washing, supervised the housework, went on a field trip to Bunnings, made a loaf of bread AND made breakfast crumble (it’s just an apple and whatever I happen to have with a super thick layer of crumble on top. Warmed through and served with Greek yoghurt. Mmm mmm mmm.) It did turn out to be the allergic kind, not the festy kind, so that was a win.

So, while I was feeling all proud of myself and patting myself on the back for Getting Stuff Done, I sat back on my laurels and had a bit of a look around. There’s a lot of stuff that needs doing at home that I never seem to have time for – or, more commonly, it totally slips my mind (like high school enrollment forms, hrrm? And sorting out that tax thing that I’ve known about for three or four months that I need to finish in the next two weeks?) So, maybe I should put a bit more effort into getting myself a bit more organised (again. There’s a degree of deja vu to be had here…)

In a moment of nostalgia, I decided to re-visit the old Flylady website.

Some very important background information – I am not a naturally tidy person. In fact, I know FULL WELL where my children get the genes that mean you must enter a house and shed everything on the way in. (Not sure about the get undressed like a stripper gene – that must be their father’s responsibility.) And it is only down to a concerted effort on my part that Chez McGee is generally clean and sort of tidy most of the time. It’s not a natural state for me. Organised, more or less; tidy? Not so much.

Now, for those not in the know, the Born Organised, and the really quite happy with a certain level of disorder as long as the bills are paid and there is food in the cupboard; Flylady is a rather smug, definitely sanctimonious and more than a bit pious system for getting one’s shit together. It also goes without saying that there’s a special tool for each job – available special price very cheap in any colour you like as long as it’s purple waiting for you in the Fly-Shop. I persevered for quite a long time with the Fly-Business, however I was always mildly irritated with her and the whole process. I had kid(s), was working and studying and attempting to keep a house organised and not lose what was left of my mind. I realised that while I did actually want to live in a house where I was in minimal danger of death by landslide, I didn’t want some middle aged purple fairy leaning over my shoulder being all helpful in that slightly condescending way. It’s ok, jump in where you are, it didn’t get messed up in a day, we’re all fun loving, you have to love yourself. Yeah, hows about an everlovin’ smack in the chops, wench? (I’m not awesome at being Told What To Do, either)

It’s been at least six or so years since I seriously dabbled in Flylady –  I started working full time, and Flylady certainly didn’t allow for working outside the home, looking after children or doing anything but pottering about making things lovely back then. So I was being all ironic and that when I had a bit of a look at the website to see how I was getting along, and whether anything had actually sunk in.


I make my bed every morning, the dishes are done (and the sink is shiny) every night, I lay out my clothes most evenings,  I do in fact get dressed to shoes in the morning  as soon as I get up – BUT the doing of dishes is positively correlated with the Great Ant Infestation of 2011; I lay out my clothes because morning minutes don’t have as many seconds as evening minutes – and the getting dressed to shoes? Well, I walk the Hound before breakfast. And Flylady is still as pious and sanctimonious as she ever was (a reward for getting everything done in the morning – read the Fly-Mails. Pfft.) And while there is a token nod to those people who have to balance being not all that organised with working and having children, it’s still got a strong focus on the person who is at home during the day.

(I still hang out with a bunch of ladies I met when I first dived head first into Flylady, they’re orright. Yes, some of them do read this.)

Anyway, where next?

I’m a gadget fan generally, but when it comes to organising, I am definitely analogue. I like a good list. I like the satisfaction of Crossing Stuff Off. I like the way sitting and writing a list focuses my attention for five minutes and helps me work out what I want to do that day (of course, I often don’t achieve it because I get a little carried away with the list writing sometimes  and get down to the most minute level of detail.) So, it is with quite a bit of anticipation, I’m investigating the concept of the Bullet Journal.  This appeals to me on so many levels.

1. It’s list making

2. I can buy stationery (Moleskine…)

3. It’s epic mega list making with indexes and everything

4. I like lists.

So, today, while the Offspring did sport, I sat in the local cafe with a skinny latte and a yo-yo and set up my first ever Bullet Journal. I’m only using a $3 grid exercise book to start off with, but I can see already that it should work quite well for me. It’s very similar to how I operate at work, so should be extremely well translatable to home. Every time I think of something that Needs Doing, I’m writing it straight into the monthly task list. I had five or six jobs to do today, but as I was out for the afternoon, I ran out of day. So two of today’s tasks have been transferred to tomorrow’s list already.  I’ll report back after a month when I have more of an idea about how it’s working out for me. I’ll still have my micro-management lists for the crossing off of, but hopefully this will remind me of those pesky jobs I need to keep on top of so things don’t go horridly wrong! And if it does in fact work out as well as I suspect it might, I may buy myself a fancypants book to journal in!