The shoulder bone’s connected to the knee bone…

by missmaudy

Or something along those lines…

After a ridiculous couple of weeks months, it appears that

  1. Summer is here.
  2. We have NOTHING on this weekend.
  3. I may get a chance to tidy up my damn house.
  4. And buy food.
  5. And bake (assuming it’s not ridiculously hot all weekend)
  6. And I may get to loll on the couch with one of the three books I’ve bought in the last couple of weeks.

Since my normal source of reading material has been in hiatus so to speak (Arrrr) and as my dalliance with its replacement seemed keener to offer me viruses than literature, I’ve um. Resorted to actually buying books Real, live PAPER books. This is quite unheard of – over the last few years, I’ve mostly bought cook books and the odd e-book, and acquired several dozen books by slightly nefarious means. So, since Christmas I have read three real live books and three and a half e-books. And a bit of another paper book (I think, it’s all getting confusing). And while I haven’t been writing about things, I have been wasting my limited time actually reading!

Here’s a wee list of the books I’ve read over the last month.

  1. Emergence by John Birmingham – explode-y goodness with monsters.  This book is best descried as a full ridiculous boys own ripping yarn. Now, Mr Birmingham shot to fame with a book about a felafel. However, since I’m not sure when, he’s been writing cracking alt.history type books (Axis of Time trilogy and Without Warning which are both pretty awesome. He also writes strong, proper women which is a bit unusual in this type of book where chicks aren’t purely decorative). Emergence is different in that the main character, Dave, is a bit of a dick. He’s a text book “looser” dead-beat dad and generally a bit of a moron. He’s the security guy on an oil rig heading back to work, and discovers there’s monsters on the oil rig. He whacks one about the head and it all starts from there. I was amused the whole time I was reading it – it’s just, well, funny. It’s not a laugh a minute type of book, but it’s a laugh. I can’t wait for the next one (March 1st. I’ve ordered it already!) My only gripe was, in light of the other books I’ve read of Mr Birmingham, the only two women in the story were side characters – one was a foil for The Dave at the start, and the other seems to be a bit of a lerve interest. However, I have it on good authority that there’s more women in the next one and Dave gets pulled into line a bit. I am looking forward to Book 2 (and Book 3, to be honest!). I’ll give it four solid stars.
  2. Three of those Preston and Child books. Again with the ridic, but strangely compelling as well.They’re not very good if you think about them too much, but as far as trashy holiday don’t want to think about too much goes – yeah. Definitely readable. I think I read book #8, #9 and #10, and I’m pretty sure I’ll go back and read the rest of them later (after I’ve forgotten how much they irritate me while I’m reading them!)
  3. The first Veronica Mars novel. Started slowly but finished well (I’ve just started the second one) It’s called “The Thousand Dollar Tan Line” and it’s true trash crime. Veronica Mars was always a secret pleasure of mine when it was on the telly, and I downloaded the film when it came out as well. She’s sassy and a bit of a smart arse and makes some pretty daft choices. But as I said earlier, this started slowly and got stuck right in and was pretty good by the end of it.
  4. Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch – yep. Another favourite series, and a worthy entry – although it ended a bit abruptly. I read most of it on a wet afternoon on our best winter holiday in the middle of summer we’ve ever had. This book is best described as urban fantasy – where weird shit happens and it’s usually down to a wizard. It’s very British in the humour, but hey – I like that sort of thing, plus I grew up with Python and The Goons. There’s a lot going on in this one – some flashbacks to earlier books, as well as the discovering a few things about a few characters. It really felt like the last two chapters were left out though. Disconcerting.

Anyway, that’s about it. I’ve read SEVEN books in about seven weeks. Winner! I’m reading Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr as well as the second Veronica Mars. Plus, I have the new Neil Gaiman on the cupboard waiting for me. I’m also considering re-starting my library membership, but their e-books seem to lean toward cosies and not so much the thriller-y types that I prefer.