by missmaudy

So much for not swearing, hey? Actually I’m not doing too badly at that, to be honest. I’ve reduced swears by at least 75% which means I’m down to swearing like a trooper from using swears as punctuation. No, the grumbles (and swears) are down to having hurt my back. Not sure exactly what I did this time – normally, there’s some form of twisting and bending involved. This time it was more of a gradual collapse of all the things to the point where I was standing there like a stuffed mullet looking at my feet and my shoes and wondering how on earth I was going to get these things together. Also, regretting my dislike of shoes that don’t attach firmly to my feet (you know, like slides and slip ons and thongs and the like)

But yay, I hears you say. All the reading you can do while you’re resting. You will have 50 books in no time.

Except for the can’t lay down in bed. If I’m sleeping, that’s fine. If I am awake and in my bed, it’s get up right now or else. Sitting on the rock hard dining chair is quite fine, sitting on the same chair with a cushion – not so much. Sitting up nice and straight in the recliner – if you must. Reclining said recliner? OMG NOOOOOOO. Fortuitously, I can lie across the couch. Weird, hey? But it’s not practical, so I’ve been mostly making like an old, slow, fat shark and keeping on moving. I can’t bend over, and I can’t lift stuff – Awkward.

I’ve improved a lot since it went all doo-lally on me, but there’s still at least four more weeks of me wombling around nagging the Minions to do all the housework. Chaos is rather good at putting on the washing (and has learned that it is important to pop the washing in the machine before he turns it on. Oops.) Mayhem still complains vociferously, and his sweeping technique involves idly swirling the broom around in circles not doing much of anything, however, he is quite good at vacuuming. Their future selves will thank me (and I may or may not be hoping they forget I really only need help while my back is in a state, and that they will continue to actively participate in housework when I’m back to what passes for normal.) Sir Reg is penciled in for some lifting of heavy things tomorrow.

Anyway, I’ve finished one more book – the second Veronica Mars book, Mr Kiss-and-Tell. OMG, it’s trash. But it’s the best kind of trash. There’s a fair bit of Logan, and Veronica *finally* moves out of her dad’s place (Ok, I know, she was living in NY for ages and went to college and everything, but this feels like a proper moving out of home type of moving out of home).   It’s a perfect read when one is a bit unable to concentrate on anything much. I liked it – two thumbs up from me. Plenty of snappy dialogue, lots of relationship angst and a couple of ooo-er moments. And yeah, looking forward to #3. Which is undoubtedly aaaaaaaages away.

So, I am alternating between lolling across the couch, and wandering around shouting orders at everyone else. House is tidy and the washing is done, so it’s working out ok so far. And if the whole thing is in fact down to stress (which it appears to be) – getting someone else to do the housework isn’t such a bad idea. Even if I have to nag a lot! Oh, and I’ve taken up my embroidery again – ok, I’ve done about five rows of a postcard sized piece, but it’s still NOT CANDY CRUSH!