First World Problems.

by missmaudy

Over the several years I’ve been responsible for myself, I’ve had the odd white goods malfunction. Each one at the time has been the Biggest Disaster Evah until I get said appliance fixed or replaced. I’ve gone without a washing machine a number of times (tip(s) for young players, if a washing machine takes up smoking, that’s a bad thing. Also, while they like eating credit cards, they’re not the best for their insides. Nor are chuppa chup sticks. And, the weight capacity of your washing machine isn’t just a  guide, it is a legitimate indication of exactly how many towels you can shove in there without breaking a belt.)

I’ve even had a couple of stoves die on me – of old age, both times. One got condemned – I was only allowed to use the front two burners, and if I used the grill, there was a 90/10 chance I would in fact explode the entire house. The other one, well, again with the two burners – but this time, the back two. But I had a barbeque, a microwave and an electric frypan. You can also cook a decent medium steak in a sandwich maker. This stood me in good stead during the Gas Crisis – where nobody was allowed to use gas for a couple of weeks. Even having no hot water during that period wasn’t that much of an issue. The boyfriend at the time had an electric hot water service, and lived two streets away. Noice.

Microwave is something I most definitely can live without (although it’s a nice thing to have). Sparks flew, so it got sent to the skip quick smart. I didn’t have one for six months or so, and never really missed it. The dishwasher, well, when that died, we couldn’t actually afford to replace it at the time, so it was another six months of doing dishes. I don’t know that I really want to do without that one again, but nobody has ever died from washing the damn dishes.

I’m quite careless with irons (they don’t like being dropped), hair dryers (again with the smoking appliances) and I’ve killed more than one kettle in the last umpty years. But even all of those little dramas are completely surmountable, with ironing ladies, a towel and some sunshine, and a saucepan.

This week, though – I have discovered exactly *which* appliance is the single most useful one that I cannot do without.

Over the last couple of weeks, food had started going off a bit quicker than expected in the fridge, and the ice-cream was more cream than iced, but I can be a bit slack with putting stuff back in the fridge straight away, and there was this packet of potato gems that may or may not have stopped the freezer door from closing.  But the ice-cream didn’t get harder when the potato gems got moved, and despite being strict about putting stuff back… the milk would still turn. the fridge isn’t that old – still in warranty. So, we called out the technician. And yeah, she’s dead, Fred. Dead as a door nail. An attractive, glossy white cupboard with awkwardly arranged shelves and interesting baskets in the bottom.

And we are without a fridge.

Ok, we have a beer fridge, but – it’s in the shed, and the back yard is a building site and trekking across the mud pit formerly known as the back yard for a glass of milk isn’t really practical. Once the technician had been, I started moving stuff that we don’t use all the time out to the shed, but one of the reasons we bought a new fridge was to accommodate the appetites of a couple of growing boys – so, it was relatively yuge in comparison to the old fridge in the shed. I didn’t realise how much bigger until I filled a garbage bag with food to throw out (and the dead fridge was virtually empty). The waste, though. It burned. We’ve ended up borrowing a bar fridge – it holds milk, juice, eggs, butter and yoghurt. I’m discovering the joys of shopping on a daily basis.


But yeah, first world problems.

(Wanders off to write a note to the MiL to buy bread for me tomorrow because a) we have none, and b) there’s nowhere to put it anyway, and the Damn Kids need lunch)