Can’t resist a good tag thingy

by missmaudy

So, I’ve stolen this one from The Mustard Jumper!

What is your favourite breakfast? Breakfast is awesome. I can eat it three times a day (and breakfast snacks. Surely there’s breakfast snacks?) I love poached eggs with runny yolks and super crispy bacon – I was away with the Country Rellies, and the looks of horror when Sir Reg was cooking the eggs, man. He was doing it all backward according to them. If I go out, I normally go for pancakes or waffles or something like that. This is because of the difficulty in getting trained chefs to cook the sodding bacon to the point of snapping. Crikey. It’s not that difficult.

How do you drink your coffee? Small skinny latte. I’m all about the coffee – I don’t like milk particularly, so a small is all I can manage, regardless of how under caffeinated I am. I make one in the morning, and buy one later on. I normally have one or two coffees a day. Any more than that, and I’m up half the night (old persons problems).

What’s on your favourite sandwich? Lettuce, spinach, tasty cheese, tomato, hot salami, and avocado if they’re not $5 each.

Soup or salad? Definitely salad. While I like the idea of soup, the reality is it’s a drink. It’s not food.

What is your favourite cookbook? Cookery the Australian Way (1979 edition with the blue cover)

No more sweet or no more savoury? No more savoury. I’m totally a sweet girl.

Which kitchen (country) is your favourite? Thai or Italian

What is your favourite food movie? I’ve never really thought about it.

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure? CAKE! Food group of its own.

Who is your biggest inspiration? I love love love Heston Blumenthal. I even put my name into the ballot, but hello, two chicks from the boonies weren’t going to get a table. Fat Duck is still on my To Do List.

Home cooking or dining out? I love cooking, but I do love it when I pay someone to cook my dinner.

What is your favourite restaurant? I can’t say I really have one –  I’m more of a going out for breakfast person. Although, the local pizza joint is cheery and cheap.

I do my groceries at … All the places. F&V, coffee and eggs from the fruit shop; meat from the butcher in the povvo shopping centre, bread from the bakery, and I hit up Aldi for junk food and weird stuff. (Thursday night finds me randomly cruising the aisles of Aldi whilst Chaos is kicking and chopping people.) And Woollies, purely because there are two near me.

The best meal I’ve ever eaten is … Hrrm. The most amazing Italian food I’ve ever eaten was in Koh Samui in Thailand. I don’t know whether it was because I was just over Thai food, or whether it was the company, or if the food was really the most amazing Italian I’d ever eaten.Just recently, we’d farmed the kids off and all I wanted was a decent steak. We ended up finding a pub that was happy to whip up a rare eye fillet with pepper sauce, fat chips and salad. It was so so good (and I had no need for red meat for oh, at least a week.)

What is your favourite cocktail? Spirits and I do not get along. At all. I don’t mind a gin or vodka with soda and lemon juice and loads of ice if it’s really really hot. Most of the time, beer cuts the mustard rather nicely. Although I drink a little wine as well.

Coffee with George (Clooney) or Heston (Blumenthal)? Heston, definitely. I’m seriously impressed with his madness. And George is short.

What should not be missing in your kitchen? Coffee, milk and chocolate.

My favourite snack is … Salt and vinegar chippies

What’s on your pizza? Tomato, hot salami, capsicum, cheese and pineapple.

Food you really don’t like? Broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, coriander, seafood of all descriptions (unless Sir Reg catches it, or it’s from the chippie), pork, ham, lamb chops, Brussel sprouts, broad beans, umm. I’m picky. Vegemite. And un-Australian

My favourite food blog is … Don’t really follow food blogs – I like Poh’s Instagram account though. Pictures of her gorgeous doggies and food. Shuddders.

What’s on your food bucket list? Cake?

I cannot live without … Pizza, coffee and chocolate