Annihilation and Punching People in the Throat

by missmaudy

They sort of go together, although you’d be thinking the punching would come before the annihilation. However, that’s not the order I read them in.

Annihilation By Jeff VanderMeer  It was short, it was weird. It was very creepy and not really reading before bed material because of the creepy and the weird. It’s part of a trilogy, and while I have the next two in the series, i) I don’t know if I want to read it and ii) the first volume was really short, didn’t really end as such and really felt like I’d read a third of a book. But, it’s a third of a book that I really don’t know if I want to finish. The Narrator is – well, I don’t think she’s particularly trustworthy. Although I do want to know if she does do the thing she’s thinking about at the end of the book (not spoilers! Ha.)

So there you go. I don’t know whether I’m going to go the rest of the way or not. It’s weird, and  strange and creepy and well written and interesting and – yeah, I think I’ll wait and see if I miss it or not.

As for punching people in the throat…

I’m currently reading People I want to Punch In The Throat by Jen Mann. Now, this book is a collection of blog posts from the blog of the same name. (Hence not being an issue reviewing in the middle)She’s def a weirdo, though because people in real life know who she is! Unlike other people who like to remain nameless and faceless. Ahem. Now, people either like her or not, going by the Goodreads reviews. Me, I’d be her if I didn’t go back to work in an office full time and outsource raising my children to a very competent village. Oh, and I blog about books and how much I hate housework, and she blogs about all the things about being a parent in a smallish town. I have smallish children (slightly bigger than hers, I think), and I’ve been on the kicking end of the primary school totem pole for ages (you work? Full time? Oh, you can just make these ridiculous bits of tat in front of the television. Not while there’s Candy Crush to be played. And blogging. Ahem.) While I’ve never done school pick up in pjs, that’s more because I don’t often do the pick up (outsourced). I’ve definitely been to the supermarket in plaid flannel pjs and a fabulous coat though. Looking for Drano. Long story. Don’t ask. No, really. Do not ask. (yes, it involved vomit. No, it wasn’t mine. And yes, it was nearly midnight.)

And the “mommy mean girls” (mummy, damn it) definitely exist in every playground – I incurred the wrath of the Cool Mums by not having an acceptable part time job (cafe good, office job bad. Full time job REALLY bad), using after school care and not making my unco kid play sport. Oh, and I knew exactly what she meant when she was talking about Kindergarten Art… I saw the constructions of *my* peers when Chaos had to build a building out of cardboard boxes and crikey, the kids in his grade had talented parents (yes, we both helped Chaos, although the design and painting was all his own work, I made the stencil for nice windows, and Sir Reg did the industrial gluing. The frill necked lizard from an egg carton, a coat hanger and two pieces of construction paper, however – all my own work!) So so pleased that subsequent teachers aren’t as keen on the construction homework any more, and aside from whipping up  a scarecrow costume out of an old flannel shirt and some streamers (and inventing yellow brick rocky road), my construction skills have been resting.

So, I can definitely relate to Punch in the Throat. As I’ve said – I *am* her. Although, I don’t whine as much, I don’t think. I do however swear as much as she does (I’m still trying, ok.) and when you consider she’s American and they’re not as good at swearing as we Australians are… She’s VERY sweary. (one of the reviews described her as very sassy – I assume that’s American for says fuck a lot?) Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And it’s a nice palate cleanser from the last book. But I’m a bit leery of books that are marketed as “funniest thing evah” because I do have a peculiar sense of humour, and stuff that everyone else in the universe finds hysterical (I’m looking at you Seinfeld), well, I’m often still waiting to hear the punch line. So, I wouldn’t describe this book as the funniest thing I’ve ever read, but it’s certainly worth a giggle or two. And it’s damn easy to read before bed.