Greetings, earthlings.

(Someone’s been tagging “greetings earthling” on just about every flat surface near my house. Random, hey?)

I have not been reading much lately. Many reasons, some more spurious than others, but some involving people starting work at sparrow fart requiring people to not actually turn the light on to read. Normally, I read the e-books, but the book I am currently reading (and the next on my list) are paper books that require light to read. So I haven’t been. Turning on lights *or* reading. What I have done however is acquire another reading light that is not so annoying for sleeping people. (Yes, I know, I could bring my book onto the couch and read in the lounge room. But it’s not the same.)

So while I’ve not been reading, I have been watching a lot of telly. We subscribed to the Netflix, and we’ve been getting our money’s worth for certain sure. Chaos has watched 97 million episodes of Top Gear, Mayhem is obsessed with Pokemon (this cartoon is absolutely definitely *worse* than Top Gear.) Reg is introducing the kids to all the old movies he used to like. So, wins all round. And as for me, I’ve been indulging in my fair share of stuff as well. So far, I’ve watched bits and pieces of of a few shows, and watched a couple of series as well.

I caught up with Serenity and Firefly – well, just because I’ve always wanted to see it, and just never had the chance. I really liked Firefly, I liked the characters and where the series was going. It was a total space western, with all the goodies and baddies and goodies that aren’t as good as they seem and baddies that aren’t as bad. Shame it got cancelled – there were at least a couple more series in it, the way it was headed. Serenity attempted to tidy up all the loose ends, but really left more questions than were answered and I still want to know what happened next.

Daredevil – that was a pisser. That dude is the most inept ‘superhero’ that ever. Ok, he’s blind and has super senses to compensate for the sense that he lost, but he gets beaten up ALL the time, and if it wasn’t for the Nurse (who, I might add, fished him out of a dumpster), he wouldn’t have lasted past episode two!  The premise of the show is interesting, once you get past how crap Matt Murdock is as a crime fighter. I’m sure he improves, but crikey. Despite living in Man’s Land, I’m not exactly au fait with all the denizens of the Marvel Universe – sure, I know about the Avengers and Spiderman but the lesser lights? Not so much. I’d never heard of Daredevil before the telly show. Nice looking chap, interesting story line, super awesome baddie, (Vincent D’Onofrio – he was in one of those Law and Order shows, and he was creepy-good in that, and in this he is superb). First series went by in a flash, looking forward to season 2.

And Sense8.

Fuck me swinging.  This show is nuts. The basic storyline has eight people who are otherwise not connected, who develop a psychic bond and interact with each other on a psychic level, lending each other their particular strengths at times they need the other’s talents. Interesting, yes? If you like that sort of thing, yes definitely. Also, it’s supposed to be all kinds of ground breaking in the diversity of the cast both physically and sexually. And it certainly manages that.

There’s a load of cliches with the characters that makes them more tropes than characters. The trans woman had a domineering mother who tries to control her and take back her son, the policeman has a drunken alcoholic father, the Indian woman is entering into a loveless marriage… you get the picture. But that in itself isn’t the thing that bothers me (and even then that’s too strong. I’m not bothered by the cliches and the tropes. I’m not even bothered by the really violent bits (there’s a few of them).

It’s the sexuals. Now, I have no objections to two consenting adults doing whatever the hell they want to each other. And I’m not even averse to two ladies, two chaps or even a lady who used to be a chap and her lady friend sharing some sexy times. Two consenting adults and all that. BUT when I am watching a telly show, I don’t want to be seeing it every five minutes. Unless the sexy bidness is necessary to move the story along – GET OFFA MY LAWN. I just don’t want to be seeing a group of hot naked bodies writhing around on my telly. No, I really don’t.

Yes. Old person now. But even when I wasn’t an old person, I’ve never been a fan of using sex to pad out a story – and some of this is a bit ott (specially when everyone gets involved) and it sidetracks from the story and makes a discerning viewer wonder what the hell in fact is the story. I guess I’ll have to keep watching and find out. And closing my eyes in the sexy bits.