Reading reading…

by missmaudy

Ok, I have been reading a bit. I’m on track to read about 25 books this year, which is one a fortnight. That’s not awesome, but hey, I can’t crochet and read at the same time. Not possible. So, I shall tell you all about the last few books I’ve read. Starting with the last…

I just finished the latest Val McDermid book (Splinter the Silence). It was ok, I think. I didn’t hate it, but it was more of a introduction to the next wave of the Carol and Tony series (which, I suspect, will be good) rather than an actual mystery. The key theme (cyber-bullying) was very topical and all, but the leaps and stuff… Pfft. There was something a bit skim over the top thing about the whole crime. It was like it was background to the ‘real’ story of Tony and Carol making up. And there was one thing that happened that I totally called (actually, two things. And a PSA.) Anyway, didn’t hate it, give it three stars because it was enjoyable while I was reading it, but afterward, not so much.

And the latest Kathy Reichs (Speaking in Bones) – that’s another one that was ok. I dunno, maybe I’ve read enough of these ones. The last couple have been a bit colour by numbers, this one wasn’t much different. Totally readable, though. I think when I read books with strong female characters, I have high expectations of their um. Strength. Mental strength. I also suspect that I equate mental strength with a high degree of sensibility. Sometimes Tempe does not show the mental strength I would expect of a character of her intellect. Also, the romance thing. Shit or get off the damn pot, wench.

(I also cracked it with the VI Warshawski books for a similar reason. Grown women don’t need rescuing because they’re idiots)

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell was absolutely brilliant, though. That one was was an absolute cracker. I didn’t do *anything* else while I was reading it and it made me stay up way too late – which is always a good sign. It’s sort of hard to explain. It’s a twisty turn-y across time story told from the perspectives of a few different people who cross paths and overlap here and there, with some psychic-y stuff thrown in for good measure. It’s hard to explain, but it was so engrossing, that I will quote the man in the hat and tell you to ‘do yourself a favour…’.

Station Eleven was another one that was worth the paper it was written on – sort of a zombie apocalypse without the zombies. There was a plague and almost everyone died. It’s another time-y wime-y one, back and forth along a series of timelines, with some interesting concepts along the way. As a completely related aside, check this dude out. He’s taken pictures of Fukushima after the tsunami where nature is taking over. It’s how I imagined the landscape after the plague in Station Eleven.

Oh, and speaking of books about people who always end up in pickles… Lee Child. Make Me. I um, actually paid cold hard cash for the paper version of this. However, it was worth it. Again with the colour by numbers… Jack Reacher discovers something that’s not quite right and punches people. Oh, and shags someone. (There’s usually only one someone suitable for shagging, that happens in every book, so not really a spoiler). The something NQR in this one was a bit WTF, to be honest. However, it provides an excellent diversion.

What else was there? THE DAVE!

How could I forget The Dave. Ascendance (Dave v the Monsters) is the third in the Dave Hooper series. I’ve mentioned the other two earlier (here, and here). They ARE the full ridiculous, and yeah, can’t wait for the next one to appear. It wasn’t until I’d almost finished this one that I realised all the action across the three books took place over maybe a week to ten days. Dave undergoes a physical transformation, but his general lugheadedness and being a bit of a dick-ery are obviously going to take a bit longer to transform. Karen/Karin is a Russian spy who is the lady equivalent of The Dave, just more badass and yeah, totally sensible. I can see her dragging Dave out of many many many scrapes. Also, there’s a posse of ladies who appear at the end whom I am seriously looking forward to. That’s the thing about John Birmingham. He writes ladies that are well capable of looking after themselves and they certainly do.

Last but not least…(ok, maybe least)… was the latest Charlaine Harris. Guilty pleasure, trashy reading. Couple of days to read. Completely silly. I can’t even remember what it was called… But yeah, it’s like reading a nice cake. Tasty and amusing, but you don’t want to read it too often.

That’s SEVEN books. Crikey.