How to meal plan like a Domestic Goddess (or not)

by missmaudy

Tonight, I should be sewing in some of the 180 ends I have on the latest two Harmony Blanket squares I’ve completed. However…

  1. I am too tired to concentrate on dealing with all the ends
  2. I need to tidy up and I don’t want to
  4. Eh, I feel like writing

Because it does in fact make a difference to our life, and because I am trying to lose some of the condition I’ve piled on for the long, cold, hard winter that’s definitely ahead of us (yes, Winter is Coming. I have the lard arse to prove it. Random GoT reference there.), I have decided to be taking meal planning a bit lot more seriously. Normally, I write a list of 4-5 random protein sources, hopefully remember to get something out of the freezer and we see how we go from there. However, this week, I actually sat down and worked out meals.

Here is my meal plan for the week – I tend to plan from Saturday to Friday, mainly because Saturday is when I shop.

  • Saturday – Home made pizza
  • Sunday – Chicken schnitzel and vegies
  • Monday – Mexican tortilla pie
  • Tuesday – Lamb roast (Australia Day. Have to have lamb)
  • Wednesday – Lamb souvlaki for the grown ups and burgers for the complaining children
  • Thursday – Lasagne
  • Friday – Take away (fish n chips)

Sounds fair, reasonable and delicious. Saturday, we had friends call in. Sunday, Reg was out until late. Tuesday worked a delicious treat, and included a spontaneous chocolate pudding. Tonight I was supposed to be at a school function that ahem. Got rained out. Literally. Like they’re running about moving the library because they *knew* the ceiling would collapse if they got more rain. They got more rain. Tomorrow night, I want to go out for a couple of hours. And Friday… well, nothing has come up so far, but it’s still a good 24 hours away.

So, this is what my meal plan has ended up looking like

  • Saturday – Home made pizza  Fish n chips
  • Sunday – Chicken schnitzel and vegies Home made pizza
  • Monday – Mexican tortilla pie  Had to use the chicken – pan fried chicken strips. Bit thin and a bit chewy
  • Tuesday – Lamb roast (Australia Day. Have to have lamb) YAY GOT ONE RIGHT
  • Wednesday – Lamb souvlaki for the grown ups and burgers for the complaining children  Well, the burgers got eaten for lunch on Tuesday, and I couldn’t be bothered with the souvlaki – spag bol from the freezer
  • Thursday – Lasagne We had pasta Wednesday and I still have to use the mince and I am going out, damnit.
  • Friday – Take away (fish n chips)  Yes, well. Takeaway is ONCE a week. And we have sausages. Probably.

It appears tomorrow night will be tacos and Friday will most likely be sausages. Assuming nothing else dramatic happens. I’m not sure if it’s me that sucks at meal planning or if it’s my family. I’m all for Yay! Spontaneous! But bloody hell, this week is ridiculous. Next week, I actually KNOW is going to be a bit nutty, and I will plan accordingly, and I’ll probably get stuffed up by circumstances unforeseen. Again.

On the shiny Pollyanna side of things – tonight’s spag bol is tomorrow’s lunch left overs! Despite an epic fail on the meal planning side, I am taking lunch ONCE this week! (It’s only three days this week, I wasn’t expecting to manage ANY lunch from homes. Win!)