Reading about zombies and cleaning. Ahem.

by missmaudy

Yep. Actually have been reading. And yes, zombies and cleaning. And magicians. I finished The Magician King – which was pretty cool. I still think Quentin is a whiny brat, and he should learn to be grateful for what he has –  and maybe once I read the third one, he will have learned his lesson and will be a more balanced individual instead of a petulant brat.

Next, I read a wee snip of a story by John Birmingham called Here be Monsters. It features a delightful Lt Watkin Trench, who is in charge of a bevy of convicts en route to Sydney in 1788. There’s a squall, a zombie apocalypse and some srs shootings. It’s only short, and it just begs to be read aloud to a pack of scruffy year eights. Complete with accents.

So, that’s technically Book #5 in six weeks. Although, it’s really four books and a short story.

In light of my other current obsession, I bit the bullet and actually bought the Marie Kondo books – the life changing magic of tidying up and Spark Joy. I picked up Spark Joy in a seriously pretentious coastal bookshop (as an aside, I have NEVER seen so many books about narcissistic personality disorder in one place. I’d never even heard of it six months ago, and now there’s an entire self help industry. Who would have thought…)

Anyway, I read it in less than a week (yay me, six books in seven weeks!) and I really enjoyed it – which is weird. It’s a book about tidying up and I am so shit at that. It’s also a bit fluffy bunny/hippy dippy, which I also hate with a strange passion. However, it’s tolerable , particularly if you consider the whole translation from another completely different language thing, sparking joy could be a bizarre translation of something else that’s much more sweary and less fluffy. (Although, I think Ms Kondo leans toward girlie and fluffy and not so much of the swears.)

Any book that has this as one of it’s ‘recommendations’ though…

‘Your course taught me to see what I really need and what I don’t. So I got a divorce. Now I feel much happier.’

My kind of book. (Not that I’m planning to tidy up Reg or anything. He’s quite nice.) Ms Kondo talks about the difference between cleaning and tidying. One is in your control and one isn’t. You cannot control dirt. It’s inevitable like tides or something. But tidying – the less crap you’ve got laying about, the less tidying you have to do. Easy peasy. And so fucking OBVIOUS. Ahem.

So far, I’ve KonMari-ed the fuck out of my clothes, accessories (such as they are) and I’m having a red hot go at my books. This has involved some lateral thinking because I still cannot kneel and cleaning out a six foot tall book case does actually involve getting down on ones hands and knees. I brought in one of the benches from the out door setting and I’m using that to rest things on. You seriously CANNOT cull books on the shelf. They need to come off and get groped.

Ms Kondo says that tidying up will transform your life… I know that when I had a massive clean out of my house, I managed to lose 20kg at the same time. And I also know that since I started on this Fly-Mari kick, I’ve stopped eating chocolate, lost four kilograms and ditched about eight bags of stuff to the oppy or elsewhere. Maybe it will transform my life, maybe it will just mean I give more of a shit about what I stick in my face, and stick in my house… Can’t be a bad thing, anyway.